Tribal Hunter All Inflations

Tribal Hunter is a retro-styled action-platformer game with Metroidvania elements. The player controls a legendary dragon-like guardian spirit named Munch, who must eat various enemies to grow larger and more powerful. 

By eating the enemies, Munch can gain increased health, which in turn will increase his attack power. All inflation is based on what Munch eats. Let’s learn more about the inflation mechanic in Tribal Hunter

How to Increase Munch’s Size

As he explores the island, Munch will come across enemies that need to be killed. As he eats enemies, his fullness meter fills up, which lets him cast spells and do other things. Moreover, as he grows, his punch will become stronger, and he will be able to deal more damage. Increasing his fullness meter also increases his damage resistance.

There are a couple of ways to use Munch’s size:

  • Munch has a fullness bar which works as a mana bar.
  • Munch can perform powerful punches by using his fullness.
  • Munch can use his fullness to perform the skills he gained from monsters.
  • Munch can perform attacks from the things he stuffed. ( Green Jellies etc. )
  • Munch becomes larger, and more resistant to any kind of attack ( melee, ranged )
  • Munch can use his weight to heal himself
  • Munch can also spend his fullness to perform a powerful magic attack on his enemies.

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