Pizza Tower The Noise Update is Now Available

Dive into "Pizza Tower The Noise Update" for a new playable boss, fresh challenges, and a unique New Game+ experience. Free download available now!

Updates and expansions are super important, especially in indie games. They keep things interesting and fun for players. One really cool example of this is the new update for Pizza Tower. Lots of people love this game, and the “Pizza Tower Noise Update” is adding some awesome new stuff. You can play as a boss now! This article has all the details you need to know to find and play this update.

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What is Pizza Tower?

If you’re not familiar with Pizza Tower, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. IndieWod’s Pizza Tower page has loads of content, including guides and reviews, that’ll help you get up to speed in no time. But let us give you a quick rundown of what the game is all about. 

Pizza Tower is a fast-paced, pizza-themed platformer that’s become super popular thanks to its wacky world and challenging gameplay. It takes inspiration from classic platformers, making for a deliciously frantic adventure through its vibrant and unpredictable levels. People of all ages love it for its inventive design and engaging mechanics – and, of course, the sheer fun it delivers!

Pizza Tower Noise Update

Pizza Tower Noise update introduces “The Noise” as a playable character, which was previously known as the third boss in the game. With the inclusion of The Noise as a playable character, the game offers a fresh “sort of New Game+” experience, which changes the dynamics of gameplay and offers new challenges and ways to explore the game’s levels. 

Players can now play as The Noise and explore the game world from a different perspective, experiencing the game in a whole new way. The update also includes new features such as additional power-ups and abilities, making the game even more exciting and challenging for players. 

Pizza Tower Noise Update Brings New Playable Boss

The Noise, who is the new playable character in Pizza Tower, is inspired by Domino’s Pizza’s former mascot, The Noid. This new character comes with a unique set of abilities that are sure to excite players and is well-known for his use of pogo sticks, bombs, and jetpacks, which he can use to navigate the game’s environment in a variety of ways.

As a playable character, The Noise retains many of his iconic abilities, such as using a jetpack for extended jumps and a skateboard for swift traversal. This means that players now have a new layer of strategy to consider when playing the game, as they can use The Noise’s unique skills to their advantage. For example, they might use his jetpack to reach higher platforms or his skateboard to quickly move through the game’s levels.

Pizza Tower The Noise Update is Now Available IndieWod ss edited

Pizza Tower Noise Update Available on Steam

Players can easily access “The Noise” update to experience the whirlwind of fun it brings to Pizza Tower. The Pizza Tower Noise update is available as a free download on Steam and not only enriches the game with a new playable character but also tweaks the levels to offer a refreshed gameplay experience that feels both familiar and entirely new.

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