Tribal Hunter Mods – Are There Any Mods for Tribal Hunter?

People who played and completed the entire game began to look into Tribal Hunter mods, despite the fact that the game itself is entertaining and fun enough. Well, are there any Tribal Hunter Mods around?

Today’s players are more into mods than the original games. Tribal Hunter has been a fun platformer since its release, and many people wonder if there are any Tribal Hunter mods around. Here is what we know about Tribal Hunter Mods.

Tribal Hunter is a fun action-platformer that combines Metroidvania and retro-style gameplay. You play as Munch, the legendary guardian spirit, and can grow in size by eating enemy creatures. You then use the energy from your increased size to power up your attack. 

The game’s goal is to protect your village from enemies and improve your overall power by fighting powerful bosses and protecting your village members.

Even though the game itself is pretty enjoyable and fun, people who played and completed the whole game started to look into some mods for Tribal Hunter to enjoy the game with different characters, stories, and perhaps even gameplay features. 

Tribal Hunter Doesn’t Have Any Official or Unofficial Mods Yet

Unfortunately, there are such signs of possible mods under development. The original Tribal Hunter game is what we’ve only got at the moment. However, we can give you some tips to solve some of your troubles.

Tribal Hunter uses the same game engine as Undertale does. There is a tool called “UndertaleModTool” which you can decompile and edit the game. You can build your own Tribal Hunter mods by using it. Whether it’s compatible with your game version or not is something you can only find out for yourself.

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