Tribal Hunter Shark Girl

Just like in most games, there are both regular enemies and bosses all around the environment in Tribal Hunter and Shark Girl is one of them.

Tribal Hunter is an open-world action platformer. You play as the village guardian. You can eat enemies to grow huge and use their energy to fight monsters. Using this power, you can turn into giant beasts and cast powerful magic spells to defeat enemies.

Shark Girl is actually a boss named Captain Killsha. Munch encounters her during a boss fight called Pirate Pummeler. Captain Killsha has a couple of abilities that may really put you in trouble during your fight. 

Here’s all we know about this fat-looking, dangerous Shark Girl:

  • Captain Killsha, is a pirate and just like every pirate, she carries a flintlock gun with her. She fires at Munch with her gun during the fight.
  • She has a small blade and performs melee attacks.
  • She also has a whistle which she uses to give a signal to her ship.
  • After her signal, her ship initiates a series of cannonball attacks on you. This is where you need to find some spots to dodge these attacks.
  • You can either manually defeat her or inflate her.
  • Upon defeating her, some fruit comes out of Captain Killsha’s treasure hoard. Munch inflates it to gain an ability. (Double Jump)

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