King Legacy Fruit Tier List

The Roblox King Legacy fruit tier list was created by the community. The ranking is the average of the top 10 fruit tier lists submitted. The fruits with the best rankings will appear at the top of the list. The lowest ranked fruits will be at the bottom.

SSand, Phoenix, Love
ASpike, Human, Magma, Venom, String, Light, Gas, Snow, Gravity, Dragon, Spirit
BPaw, Barrier, Dark, Dough, Wolf, Ice, Shadow, Rumble, Flame, Allosaurus, Brachio, Op, Quake, Spinosaurus, Mammoth
CSpin, Bomb, Buddha, Smoke
DGiraffe, Leopard, Gum, Human

While playing Roblox King Legacy, it is essential to choose the right fruit to boost your character’s power. If you’re wondering which fruit will make your character much stronger, you can always check out the Roblox King Legacy fruit tier list. This will help you choose the best fruit to upgrade your character and beat the toughest foes.

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