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Hellish Quart is a 3D sword dueling game developed by Kubold, a Polish developer. Check out this article to learn more about it and how you can get it.

Hellish Quart is a physics-based sword-fighting game focusing on the 17th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Players can choose from various 17th-century duelists and duel against AI or other online or local Hellish Quart players. There are a couple of sources where you can download Hellish Quart for free. However, we suggest all players to support the developers and buy the game.

The art style in Hellish Quart is very realistic. It is made using mocap of actual swordfighters. This makes the game much more realistic than games like Mortal Kombat. Also, the game uses active ragdolls, which simulate blade response on impact. There is a single-player story mode. There are also survival modes, duels versus Al and duels versus the AI. Let’s learn more about this recent sword-fighting title.

On What Platforms is Hellish Quart available

What is Hellish Quart?

Set in 17th Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth era, Hellish Quart is a game that offers a hefty dose of historic ambiance. 

Hellish Quart takes the fighting genre to the next level, featuring realistic animation and swordsmanship. In addition to duels against AI, you can take on local players or participate in arcade and survival modes. There are plenty of blades to choose from, including several styles of sword.

Unlike most fighting games, this game doesn’t use a ragdoll system. Instead, all damaging blades are counted with real-time physics. This enables the player to dismember their enemies. With hundreds of sword and knife styles to choose from, you’ll have a hard time choosing which to use.

On What Platforms is Hellish Quart available?

The game has been under development for some time. It is unknown on what platforms Hellish Quart will be in the future, and the game is currently available for Windows only.

There has not been any official announcement from the game developers regarding whether it will be ported to other platforms. Since the game has received too many positive reviews from game-ranking sites, the possibility of porting to other platforms is relatively high.

Where to Get Hellish Quart

Where to Get Hellish Quart?

Since the game is available on Windows only, you won’t be able to find it in other platforms’ stores. For better or worse, the game is still in its early developmental stage, but it has already wowed the HEMA community with its impressive achievements. 

Hellish Quart is in Early Access on Steam. However, you may have to wait a bit longer if you’re not as lucky. It is expected to remain in this format for one to two years. In the meantime, fans can make suggestions and leave comments.

Hellish Quart PC System Requirements

Hellish Quart Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 1050, Ryzen 4700g
  • Pixel and Vertex Shader: 5.1
  • Free Disk Space: 6 GB
  • Dedicated VRAM: 2048 MB

Hellish Quart Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 970, Radeon RX 590
  • Pixel and Vertex Shader: 5.1
  • Free Disk Space: 6 GB
  • Dedicated VRAM: 4096 MB

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