What is The True Ingredients (Spongebob.exe), and Why is It So Popular?

The internet is talking about this indie horror game called The True Ingredients. After a long time of trying, RenderPi, who develops indie horror games, achieved huge success with their last game. However, we are not sure whether this success is long-lasting or not.

It is because the game became popular thanks to the famous YouTuber IShowSpeed. He is famous for his exaggerated yet fun reactions, and it is no surprise that his video of playing a horror game managed to attract this much attention.

In addition to this, The True Ingredients has the SpongeBob concept. Basically, all the venues and even the characters are inspired by this famous cartoon. The only difference is you. And you are going to be a regular fish visiting the Krunchy Kans restaurant to order a human patty. Moreover, the name of the universe is Underwearzip City.

However, you will notice that they have run out of materials, and suddenly you will be given the mission to find more ingredients. This is where the story and gameplay start. Recently, the developer had to remove almost all the characters and replace them with others due to copyright violations too.

We are not sure whether the game will enjoy a long-time success, especially when we consider how it became popular. However, many streamers have already begun to stream the game to attract the attention of new viewers. In our opinion, the popularity of The True Ingredients resembles a balloon economy.

There is a demand for the game, but the game is not capable of meeting the expectations of the players. There is demand because a popular streamer enjoyed it in one of his videos, and now all streamers are doing so.

The True Ingredients (Spongebob.exe) IndieWod

Moreover, when we consider the gameplay of The True Ingredients, it does not offer anything different than most indie horror games. In fact, we believe RenderPi has better games that could do much more than The True Ingredients.

Yet, we believe you can still enjoy the game a few times, and then you will naturally drop it off. Considering the gameplay and story of the game, we also believe that RenderPi will not work on this project further. He already states that the support of the gamers will be spent on new projects on the official page of the game on itch.io.

It is worth noting that The True Ingredients supports the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and it will not be developed for other gaming platforms.

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