IndieWod’s Upcoming Indie Games Bundle From January 10 to 17, 2024

Discover the upcoming indie games with IndieWod's January 10 to 17, 2024, indie game bundle.

Get ready to level up your gaming experience with IndieWod’s incredible indie game bundle from January 10 to January 17, 2024! This week’s lineup is packed with the hottest upcoming games, including a brewing simulation game, Beer Factory; a survival horror game with an immersive narrative, Despair: Blood Curse; a 2D platformer, Momodora: Moonlit Farewell; a strategy game that puts players in the shoes of a medic, War Hospital; an adventure game, Unnatural: Benighted and more. Keep your eyes peeled for these seven amazing indie games that you won’t want to miss out on!

Remember, you can discover more indie games by staying tuned to IndieWod’s indie game bundle.

Beer Factory – January 10

Beer Factory is a captivating simulation game that takes players on an immersive journey into the world of craft brewing. It allows players to explore the art of beer-making by experimenting with various brewing techniques, ingredients, and equipment upgrades to create a wide range of unique beers. The game offers a perfect blend of complexity and casual fun, making it an ideal choice for hardcore gamers as well as for those who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience. 

The game’s attention to detail is remarkable, giving players the opportunity to make important decisions that impact the quality of their beer. From selecting the right hops to adjusting the brewing temperature, every step of the brewing process requires careful consideration. Moreover, players must also manage their business, balancing finances, marketing strategies, and customer satisfaction. The combination of in-depth brewing processes and business management makes Beer Factory an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning about the intricacies of brewing and the challenges of running a successful business.

Despair: Blood Curse – January 10

Despair: Blood Curse is a survival horror game that offers an immersive and chilling narrative filled with suspense and terror. It boasts a foreboding atmosphere that is enhanced by its haunting soundtrack and dark, eerie visuals. As players progress through the story, they are presented with various puzzles and challenges that test their wit and resolve, making it a great choice for horror enthusiasts who enjoy a story-rich experience and appreciate a game that keeps them on the edge of their seat.

The gameplay mechanics in Despair: Blood Curse are specifically designed to amplify the feeling of vulnerability and tension. Players have limited resources and must constantly be on the lookout for danger, which forces them to make strategic decisions about when to hide, when to run, and when to confront the horrors that await them. The game’s narrative is multi-layered, with each twist and turn revealing more about the mysterious curse that engulfs the setting. Overall, Despair: Blood Curse is a prime example of the power of storytelling in video games, offering a deeply immersive and emotionally charged experience for players.

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell – January 11

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell is a 2D platformer game that offers action-packed gameplay blended with exploration in a cursed world. The game is visually stunning with classic pixel art tribute in every frame. Players need to master different skills and weapons to defeat challenging enemies. The narrative of the game is intricately woven into the gameplay, with rich lore and engaging characters that enhance the game’s world.

The game boasts an intricate level design that offers meticulously crafted environments. Each area is filled with secrets to discover and challenging puzzles to solve, making exploration an essential aspect of the game. As players progress, the story unfolds, revealing the lore of the cursed world and the characters within it. 

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell is an excellent choice for gamers who prefer detailed artistry, engaging storytelling, and challenging gameplay mechanics.

War Hospital – January 11

War Hospital is a strategy game that puts players in the shoes of a medic working in a field hospital during wartime. The game offers a unique perspective on strategy games by challenging players to make tough decisions under dire conditions to save lives. It’s not simply a matter of strategic resource management; players must also deal with the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in the chaos of war.

The game presents a realistic portrayal of the impact of war on human life and the crucial role of medical personnel. Players are required to manage limited resources, prioritize patient care, and deal with the psychological effects of war on both themselves and their patients. War Hospital‘s intense, emotionally charged atmosphere makes it a profound and thought-provoking experience that emphasizes the often-overlooked aspects of warfare.

Unnatural: Benighted – January 11

Unnatural: Benighted is an adventure game that takes place in a world where supernatural elements are commonplace. The game invites players to explore a mysterious realm filled with myths and legends, where they encounter strange creatures and solve puzzles to unravel the game’s many mysteries. 

What sets Unnatural: Benighted apart is its unique storytelling and atmospheric setting that immerses players in a world that is both eerie and captivating. The gameplay combines traditional adventure elements with supernatural twists, requiring players to use their wits and intuition to navigate through the game. 

The game features a diverse cast of characters and a rich lore that adds depth to the narrative, giving players a compelling experience that is both engaging and immersive. Fans of mystery and adventure games will find Unnatural: Benighted to be a truly unforgettable experience.

Computer Repair Shop – January 12

Computer Repair Shop is a captivating simulation game designed for tech enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the ins and outs of computer repairs. The game revolves around managing a computer repair service where players diagnose and fix a range of computer issues while maintaining customer satisfaction. The game provides a realistic experience of the challenges that come with running a computer repair business, from dealing with complex technical problems to managing finances and customer relationships.

One of the game’s significant features is its educational aspect. Players get to learn about various computer components and troubleshooting techniques, enhancing their knowledge of technology. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with successfully repairing a computer and expanding your business is a significant attraction of the game. Computer Repair Shop is the perfect game for simulation game enthusiasts with a keen interest in technology.

Time Survivors – January 15

Time Survivors is an exceptional Vampire Survivors-like survival game that takes place in various historical periods. The game requires players to employ the resources present in their environment to survive, while simultaneously facing challenges specific to each era. The game’s unique blend of historical accuracy and survival mechanics brings a fresh perspective to the survival genre. 

Each historical period in the game has its own set of challenges and resources, which necessitates players to adapt their survival strategies accordingly. The game provides an educational experience by allowing players to explore different historical settings while also offering an engaging survival gameplay experience. Time Survivors is a distinctive title that combines education and entertainment in an enjoyable way.

Contain – January 16

Contain is an engaging puzzle game that requires strategic thinking and efficient resource management to prevent the spread of a threat. It offers a range of progressively challenging levels that are designed to provide a unique and intellectually stimulating experience for puzzle enthusiasts. The game’s innovative puzzle design and gameplay mechanics keep players engaged and challenged throughout. It is an ideal choice for those who enjoy strategy-based puzzle games and are looking for a fresh and exciting gaming experience. Contain will only be available for PCs and can be found on Steam and Epic Games.

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