Vintage Story Mods

Vintage Story is a fun, retro adventure game, and if you're a fan of the genre, you will have to check it out, including its mods. Read on this article to find out Vintage Story Mods and how to use them.

Vintage Story is a sandbox survival game set in an apocalyptic world. The game uses procedural technology to create varied landscapes and climate conditions. There are also a variety of animals to find. Vintage Story was originally developed as a Minecraft mod called Vintagecraft. However, when the original developers strayed from the vision, they began working on a standalone game.

There is a really huge community on the internet. There are also many people who are interested in making Vintage Story Mods. Many modes of the game are shared through mod database websites on the internet.

Best Vintage Story Mods

If you are a fan of Vintage Story, you must know that the game has a custom model editor and a cinematic camera recording tool. In addition, it includes advanced world editing tools. This means that any person who is a little bit qualified in editing can make their own mods for Vintage Story.

Those who want to try out the best Vintage Story Mods can visit the VS MOD DB website. There are more than 700 mods there waiting for you to give it a try. Here are some of the best mods included on VS MOD DB:

Best Vintage Story Mods
ModMod Description
In Dappled GrovesIn World Woodworking And Forest WorldGen Elements Including Stumps And Tree Hollows
Feverstone WildsFeverstone Wilds is a mix of realism and fantasy that can help you or challenge you.
PaxelA combination of axe, pickaxe and shovel.
Tabletop GamesVarious tabletop games from real world. No rules. No hardcoded game logic. No AI.
Bullseye More satisfying and engaging ranged combat.  
Lichen – 1.17.0 – Gemsbok! Antler Windchimes!…Vanilla-Like Furniture, Animals, and More!
Visually Glowing Arrows and SpearsVisually highlights thrown arrows and spears
Expanded Foods 1.6.4Adds a variety of new uses for existing foods.
Primitive SurvivalFishing, traps, rafting, jerky, earthworms, snakes, crabs, and a plethora of other interesting stuff
Player CorpseCreates a corpse with the player’s inventory at the place of death  
CarryCapacityQoL Storage Utility
XSkillsXSkills adds skills and abilities.
Medieval expansionCrafting QoL Technology
XLibXLib provides an interface to add skills, abilities and effects to the game.
Pet AIFramework for adding tameable creatures to the game. Does nothing on its own.
Wildcraft v1.5.1A mod that adds 50 new plants and the beginnings of a herbalism system
BricklayersMore clay, bricks, porcelain, glazings, colored glass, and luminous glass.
QPTECH 1.12.25 – A Tech Mod for Vintage Story!Machines & Automation for your survival world.
AlchemyPotion mod that adds buffs to the player.
Stone QuarryAllows you to dig a lot of stone and process it into rock, bricks, polished rock, sand, gravel, etc
Wolf TamingDoes what the title says. Requires PetAI.
Ancient ToolsDiscover tools and crafting techniques from ancient times.
Simple HUD ClockGraphics Utility
Workbench expansionCrafting QoL
NecessariesQoL Technology Utility

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