Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Tower of Fantasy is one of the amazing MMORPGs that attracted the attention of millions all around the world. The game is available on mobile markets and Windows. If you are willing to be one of the most powerful players in the game, then you need to pay attention to your heroes.

Thus, we have compiled some of the best tier lists that you can look for as a reference. We have divided them into three categories as weapon tier list, PVP tier list, and CN tier list. Now let’s check them one by one.

Tower of Fantasy CN Tier List

Keep in mind that the CN and global versions are slightly different than each other. In this section, we have covered the best character and weapon combinations for CN.

SS+Marc (Dawn), Lin (Shadow Weaver)
SSSaki Fuwa (Ryusen Toshin), Ruby (Sparky), Lyra (Vespers), Baiyuekui (Alaya), Tian Lang (Powerbreak)
STsubasa (Icewind Arrow), Samir (Dual EM Stars), Frigg (Balmung), Cobalt-B (Flaming Revolver), Claudia (Guren Blade), Nemesis (Venus)
AMeryl (Rosy Edge), King (Scythe of the Crow), Echo (Thunderous Halberd), Cocoritter (Absolute Zero)
BZero (Negating Cube), Ene (Pummeler), Shiro (Chakram of the Seas), Crow (Thunderblades)
CPepper (Staff of Scars), Huma (Molten Shield V2), Hilda (Terminator), Bai Ling (Nightingale’s Feather)
Tower of Fantasy IndieWod ss

Tower of Fantasy PVP Tier List

It is worth noting that there is no right or wrong strategy when it comes to the PvP. However, the following combinations of the characters and weapons offer the best performance against most combinations.

Keep in mind that many factors can affect the outcome of your encounter. Thus, you may have to make some tweaks in your combinations to win every encounter.

SSHilda (Terminator), Echo (Thunderous Halberd)
SBai Ling (Nightingale’s Feather), Ene (Pummeler), Pepper (Staff of Scars)
AShiro (Chakram of the Seas), Tsubasa (Icewind Arrow)
BSamir (Dual EM Stars), Zero (Negating Cube), Huma (Molten Shield V2), King (Scythe of the Crow)
CCocoritter (Absolute Zero), Nemesis (Venus), Meryl (Rosy Edge), Frigg (Balmung)

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List

This list mainly focuses on world exploration and PvE. However, the overall performance of these tiers will be quite satisfying for any incidents.

SSNemesis (Venus), King (Scythe of the Crow), Samir (Dual EM Stars), Frigg (Balmung)
STsubasa (Icewind Arrow), Crow (Thunderblades), Meryl (Rosy Edge), Cocoritter (Absolute Zero)
AZero (Negating Cube), Shiro (Chakram of the Seas), Huma (Molten Shield V2)
BBai Ling (Nightingale’s Feather), Ene (Pummeler), Pepper (Staff of Scars)
CHilda (Terminator), Echo (Thunderous Halberd)
DComposite Bow, Combat Blade, Frosted Spear, EM Blade

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