Tower of Fantasy Password List

This Tower of Fantasy password list will let you progress in the game without any challenges while enjoying additional free supplies. We have covered all the regions, locations, and passwords for you!

During your Tower of Fantasy gameplay, you are going to find different structures that are locked and protected with a password. If you do not want to interrupt your gaming experience and continue enjoying your game, then this Tower of Fantasy password list is for you!

You can bookmark this page to use in your game later and visit it whenever you need to learn the location, coordinates, passwords, and rewards of structures.


Aida Base Dawn FrontierDoor Code666, -12247092Access Granted
Aarniel FortressDeconstruction Device – PDW1382, -8328521Gold Nucleus

Crown Mines

X-7 Research LabSecurity SystemStory Mission1103Traps Disabled
Miners’ CampDeconstruction Device – PDC1377, 2474753Gold Nucleus
The LuminaDeconstruction Device – PDC2728, 8477268Gold Nucleus
Crescent ShoreBarrier728, 6421024Type 2 Supply Pod
Seaforth DockBarrier515, 7733594Type 1 Supply Pod


Raincaller IslandAbandoned Truck-643, -8493344Type 1 Supply Pod
Raincaller IslandRadio Tower-758, -5695972Voyager Hull Quest Progression
Navia BayAbandoned Truck-537, -4492202Type 1 Supply Pod


HT201 ShelterBarrier85, 9761647Type 2 Supply Pod
Tower of Fantasy Password List IndieWod

Keep in mind that you do not have to visit all these structures to claim rewards. However, we recommend visiting them whenever you are nearby. In addition to this, some of these structures are part of the main storyline. This means that you will have to visit them while progressing in the game.

Some of these structures, such as deconstruction devices, offer gold nuclei as a reward. You can wish for weapon banners with these as well, and you can use the supply pods to upgrade your materials as well as earn additional experience.

Without a doubt, they will help you to progress faster, but going after them may not be a good idea. It can let you waste time. Instead, you should keep playing the game at your own tempo and visit these structures whenever you have something to do in that region or area.

Do not forget to bookmark this page, so that you can visit our Tower of Fantasy password list with a single click to access all the passwords you will need.

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