The Baby in Yellow Game Review

When the sitter was trying to put the baby to sleep, The Baby in Yellow said that he would show her his dreams. So, she tried to take a break by watching TV but was kept awake by the baby’s wailing in the bedroom. She eventually put the baby to sleep and went downstairs to have dinner. Soon, the apartment began to look very weird. The apartment also became dark, and she started seeing cryptic messages. What a creepy story, right? Here is what you need to know about this fantastic indie thriller, The Babby in Yellow

If you’re looking for a horror simulation game with a great premise and fantastic graphics, The Baby in Yellow is a fantastic choice. Whether you love horror games or are just looking for a new challenge, this game will not disappoint! With multiple ways to complete levels, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy! In this game, you must feed, change, and dress your baby, as well as find the baby in dark places. In the end, you need to put the baby back in the crib to avoid death!

The game is set in a large house that is dark during the night. The child is restless and needs a babysitter. As the game progresses, she will grow stranger. She will need to remain calm and patient and handle a restless baby, all while avoiding danger and completing objectives. The goal is to become a babysitter who can save her child from the creepy monsters that are waiting for her.

The Baby in Yellow, who is heavily implied to be the King of YellowHastur, who took the form of the baby or possessed it, has a penchant for trapping his babysitters in his dimension known as Carcosa after babysitting him and attempts to do the same with the current babysitter who tries to babysit him. The baby also has no qualms about transforming into a monstrous form in order to capture his babysitter and keep them in Carcosa indefinitely.

Baby in Yellow IndieWod

The Baby in Yellow was originally developed for a Gamejam event in 2020 and continues to develop. The game is up against titles like Poppy Playtime and Bendy and the Ink Machine. The game’s creepy imagery is impressive, and its eerie environments are often horrifying. However, the game’s scares aren’t nearly as effective as Poppy Playtime. Nonetheless, The Baby in Yellow is a fun first-person horror title that you can pick up on your Android or iOS phone.

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