Escape the Backrooms Review

Escape the Backrooms is a multiplayer horror game where players try to survive in different settings. Needless to say, all these venues are pretty scary and fun. Thus, we wanted to prepare this review for you!

Escape the Backrooms is a short horror game that offers a multiplayer co-op opportunity to gamers with up to 4 players. With 8 different levels, Escape the Backrooms is on early access right now and has managed to receive mostly positive feedback from gamers.

Instead of providing a general review, we would like to divide our review into the zones available in the game. These zones are: Habitable ZonePipe DreamLevel FunPoolroomsLevel Run for Your LifeThe End, and Level 922.

The Habitable Zone is like the red light–green light game, where you will be running from one room to another in a panic. The fact that there are no hiding spaces makes the level quite challenging.

Pipe Dreams may be the worst level in the game, but you will still have plenty of fun and get scared a lot! However, the fact that you will have to walk in one single direction can make it a bit boring.

On the other hand, Poolrooms is one of the levels with no entities. It is a relatively more peaceful level than others, and it mainly focuses on exploration. 

Level Run for Your Life can be one of the best levels you may love in the game. It is full of obstacles, short and scary enough to let you enjoy your time a lot!

The End is also an amazing yet challenging level. You have to rely on your stealth skills in a small room while trying to avoid the entity. The fact that the entity wanders too often makes the level more challenging. Since all players have to find the exit when you play Escape the Backrooms in co-op mode, you may want to complete this level alone.

Level 922 is the last level available in early access. You may love it or hate it, depending on your gaming taste. It is full of wailing entities and barren staircases.

These were all the levels in Escape the Backrooms and their brief review. We highly encourage you to give Escape the Backrooms a try, both in single-player and co-op modes, to enhance your gaming experience.

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Besides the levels, Escape the Backrooms also attracts attention with its realistic graphics and dreary ambiance. The game manages to take you inside its realm, and you’ll enjoy your time a lot. Without a doubt, it is one of the most fun horror games you can give a try these days.

One of the notable features of Escape the Backrooms is the proximity of voice chat. In co-op mode, you can chat with your friends by joining the chat room. There is no way to follow the location of your friends on the interface; you need to rely on the proximity voice chat.

This provides a unique experience for gamers. Besides your friends, you will also be hearing the voices of entities, which will add more tension to the gameplay.

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