Citizen Sleeper Shipmind Fragments Guide

The Citizen Sleeper game is a first-person action game. In the game, you control a Sleeper, powered by another person's consciousness and tasked to gather shipmind fragments.

Citizen Sleeper shipmind fragments are precious stones that can be acquired by completing specific missions. There are a couple of locations where you can find some shipmind fragments you need. However, there are other ways to get them, too. For example, the game allows you to fabricate shipmind fragments after some points. Of course, you will also need to complete a couple of missions to fabricate your shipmind fragments.

How to Get Shipment Fragments in Citizen Sleeper?

  1. Quests

You will meet new characters in the Citizen Sleeper game. Each character you befriend will have a unique personality and may or may not be loyal to you. These characters include a botanist studying a strange fungus, a shipyard worker trying to escape from his station, and a mercenary whose Shipmind has been stolen.

Like in the example above, you can acquire shipment fragments as you walk through the game. Completing multiple tasks may result in multiple shipment fragments in return. 

  1. Fabrication and Supply Ships
  • The Shipmind Fragment can be obtained by completing the quest Drive: Build a Shipmind, Free NeoVend, and Deal with the Hunter. After that, you will be able to use the Ort Fabricator, which will allow you to fabricate shipment fragments on your own.
  • Once you have completed the quest, you can then invest your dice in the game. This allows you to unlock new characters, locations, and options.
  • Another way is by purchasing Shipmind fragments from Supply Ships. You can also purchase scrap from these ships. You need 3 shipmind fragments to create one full Shipmind.
  • To create one full Shipmind, you will need to collect 3 shipmind fragments and combine them.

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