A Short Horror Game You Should Play – The House of Rats

Indie horror games are pretty popular these days, and today we are going to introduce one of them to you. The House of Rats is being developed by 616 Games, and it offers an 80s-style horror concept. It is worth noting that the game is a short one, which you can complete in half an hour at most.

On the other hand, The House of Rats managed to attract attention with its story. It is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s The Rats in the Walls. Of course, the developers modified the story to match the horror genre and offer a unique experience to players with retro graphics.

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The House of Rats Gameplay and Story

You are going to control a character called Ray, who inherited an old heirloom home from his grandfather. He wants to renovate the house and move into it. However, nothing will be as expected. Once he visits the home for renovation work, Ray will experience some unusual things.

Most of them will be about the past of his deceased grandfather. And the events that took place in the house in the past.

This 80s-style horror game offers a first-person adventure to gamers. Unfortunately, it only supports a keyboard and a mouse as controllers. The retro graphics were inspired by old PS1 games, which have the PSX style. In addition to this, as we stated in the heading, the game is very short; it may even take about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.

It is worth noting that, unlike other indie horror games, The House of Rats is not available for free. It is offered at $1.99, but the developers are still working on the game. So you can support the developers by purchasing the game. You can get the game by visiting the official page of 616 Games on itch.io

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