7 Days to Die Weapons

7 Days to Die is a game where you may need various weapons to survive the zombie apocalypse, and this guide will help you with this one.

Players can use several weapons in 7 Days to Die to survive the zombie apocalypse. They’re found all over the map, are rewarded as quest rewards, and can help you kill more zombies with less ammo. Each weapon type has unique characteristics and abilities, making them useful for different situations. Some perks can be used to help make certain weapons more powerful and useful.

Different types of weapons in 7 Days to Die, and each has its own use, drawbacks, and strengths. Some of the best weapons in 7 Days to Die can be found while scavenging or in the wilderness, but there are also some that you need to craft. Fortunately, the crafting recipes for these weapons can be found in the Gunslinger book. Let’s look at all the weapons in 7 Days to Die and rank them from best to worst.

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Best Weapons in 7 Days to Die

One of the keys to winning in this sandbox game is picking the right weapons to use. Each weapon has unique stats and special effects, making it a better fit for certain situations. Here are some of the best weapons in 7 Days to Die.

For example, a shotgun can be an excellent weapon for base defense and useful for mining resources. However, it takes a lot of ammo and will drain your supplies quickly.

Another great long-range weapon for killing zombies is the Compound Crossbow. This weapon offers range and damage comparable to a firearm but with the silence of a melee weapon. It can also be upgraded with scopes and laser sights to improve accuracy from a distance, making it a good option for any player.

The Steel Sledgehammer is a good choice for breaking into doors and safes and can be used for clearing out a tight horde of zombies in confined spaces. It’s also a decent block destroyer for a player on defense and can be improved with barbed-wire mods to increase its effectiveness.

It’s also a good option for clearing out zombies close to a wall, as it can easily kite the zombies into a tight group and chuck grenades on them simultaneously. However, these thrown explosives are loud and may wake up nearby zombies!

In addition to being an excellent long-range weapon, the Sniper Rifle also does a lot of damage per shot. It can do up to 61 or 66 points of damage with its 7.62 rounds and is a good option for killing zombies requiring a little more effort.

The M60 Machine Gun is great for killing zombies in 7 Days to Die, especially if you have the Machine Gunner skill. With a strong damage output and large ammo capacity, it’s an excellent weapon for defending your base or hunting down zombies. It’s a tough craft, but with the right Schematics and perks, you can make it into a powerful weapon. 

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All Weapons in 7 Days to Die

There are many different weapon types to choose from in 7 Days to Die. Here’s the full list of all of the weapons in 7 Days to Die:

Weapon TypesWeapons
ShotgunsAuto Shotgun
Double Barrel Shotgun
Pump Shotgun
SpearsIron Spear
Steel Spear
Stone Spear
RiflesHunting Rifle
Marksman Rifle
Sniper Rifle
KnucklesIron Knuckles
Knuckle Wraps
Steel Knuckles
Machine GunsAK-47 Machine Gun
Tactical Assault Rifle
M60 Machine Gun
KnivesBone Knife
Candy cane knife
Hunting Knife
ArcheryPrimitive Bow
Wooden Bow
Compound Bow
Iron Crossbow
Compound Crossbow
Handguns (Also SMGs)Pistol
.44 Magnum
.44 Desert Vulture
Stun BatonsStun Baton
TurretsRobotic Sledge
Robotic Turret
Junk Turret
SMG Auto Turret
Shotgun Auto Turret

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