Corpse Ocean – A Horror Survival Indie Underwater

Throughout history, people feared the infinity and magnificence of the ocean. Mankind has created legends about monsters lurking in the depths where there is no light at all. While many were fictitious, there were also real fears about the deep sea. Corpse Ocean is one of the indie games that was developed and inspired by this fear.

Corpse Ocean is an indie horror game that was developed by Akima KIRA. The game is available for free on But we want to remind you that supporting indie developers makes them happy in both financially and emotionally. It also led us to see more and better indie games.

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You will be a submersible pilot in Corpse Ocean, and your task is to recover organic material from a sunken navy submarine. 

You will search for your target and detect objects by using your sonar. The game offers a great survival and exploration experience with its eye-catching atmosphere.

Submarine ships and creatures can be found in the depths of the sea. It’s drawing attention to the type that will increase the players’ fear of obscurity. 

The players should also consider that the features of Corpse Ocean have the absence of an atmosphere without light, huge tension, the inability to breathe without technology, and plenty of space to hide from unknown creatures.

With VHS tapes that are positioned according to images, it is possible to follow the targets precisely and play the game easily using a deep-sea simulation with sonar assistance. Furthermore, there is an extra information screen for location directions as well as videos. When all these features are counted, it triggers the player’s desire to explore and search for differences.

Last but not least, all these features in the game differ from area to area explored, and they also greatly affect your playing style. Despite the low-quality graphics, it is mostly silent with a few interjections. With its gameplay variety and plot, it almost defies AAA games.

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