Core Keeper Fishing

Fishing is one of the important mechanics in Core Keeper, and some of them are amazing ingredients to cook with. It is important to master your skills and learn fishing patterns to catch valuable fish to use as a resource. Thus, we wanted to compile this great guide for you and let you know all the details about fishing in Core Keeper.

How to Fish in Core Keeper?

As you might already guess, you need a fishing rod to fish. If you can’t find a rod, have no worries since you can upgrade your tin tier by mining some tin ores. Once you get your equipment, you need to find water with blue sparkles, which indicates that there are fish.

Depending on your current biome, fish spawn points and fish types vary as well. In addition to this, your favorite fishing spot may run out of fish to catch, and you will have to change your location. Besides UI tips, you also need to pay attention to the sounds to get tips from the game.

The rod indicator on the UI tells you whether you caught a fish or not. The fish progress bar shows the current status of the fish, and you need to pull the fish to the left of the bar to successfully catch it. Line tension shows your progression when snapping. Moreover, the color of the fish also indicates the status of getting away. If the fish turns red, it means that the fish has gotten away from your rod.

What Are the Fishing Patterns in Core Keeper?

Just like all fishing mechanics, the fishing in Core Keeper also has some patterns. Unfortunately, there is no guide for each fish type, and it may vary depending on your current biome. However, here are the fishing patterns you can try and learn.

  • Long Rest – RRR
  • Medium Rest – RR
  • Short Rest – R
  • Long Pull – PPP
  • Medium Pull – PP
  • Short Pull – P

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