Core Keeper

Core Keeper is a sandbox indie game for those who like Minecraft and Stardew Valley. You can find the latest news, guides, and more about Core Keeper below.

  • Guidescore keeper fishing 1

    Core Keeper Fishing

    Fishing is one of the important mechanics in Core Keeper, and some of them are amazing ingredients to cook with.…

  • GuidesCore Keeper Tin Ore indiewod 1

    Core Keeper Tin Ore

    When you need to upgrade your items and equipment in Core Keeper, you will see that one of the most…

  • GuidesCore Keeper Drill indiewod ss

    Core Keeper Drill

    Drilling is the most important mechanic in Core Keeper, and in the following, you will learn every single detail that…

  • GuidesCore Keeper Beginners Guide 1

    Core Keeper Beginner’s Guide

    Core Keeper is one of the amazing games that offers a procedurally generated cavern adventure to players. Just like many…

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