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Drilling is the most important mechanic in Core Keeper, and in the following, you will learn every single detail that you need to know about Core Keeper Drill. If you haven’t read our Core Keeper Beginner’s Guide yet, we recommend you read it first.

In Core Keeper, drilling is important and of course, there are some requirements that you need to meet before you can start drilling. These include defeating the first three bosses and touching the great wall. These bosses are Hive MotherGhorma, and Glurch. You will also get their gems by looting them.

In addition to this, players have to find the Azeos Wilderness biome and mine scarlet ore. Once you are done, you have to place the gems of the bosses into their statues. This will let you interact with the core, where you will be directed to touch the Great Wall. Once the Great Wall disappears, you will have to talk with the core again, and it will tell you where you can find the Azeos Wilderness biome.

Core Keeper Drill ss

Crafting A Drill

Following these will let you mine a new resource called scarlet ore. Of course, players have to craft a drill in advance to start mining scarlet ore. You will need a scarlet workbench (10 tin bars, 15 iron bars, and 25 scarlet bars), an electronics table (8 woods, 8 copper bars, and 8 iron bars), and an automation table (5 mechanical parts, 8 iron bars, and 8 scarlet bars).

After you craft these workbenches, you will need to craft the following items by using them: a drill (10 iron bars and 10 scarlet bars), an electricity generator (1 gold bar, 5 iron bars, and 10 copper bars), and an electrical wire (1 copper bar). Moreover, you will also need to craft a conveyor belt (one scarlet bar and one iron bar) and a robot arm (5 scarlet bars and 5 iron bars).

Once you are done, you are going to be ready for the operation. You may have to rotate your drill from time to time as well. All you need to do is highlight your drill and press “E” to rotate it.

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