Yomi Hustle Cowboy Combos

Your Only Move Is Hustle, Yomi Hustle for short, is a turn-based fighting game that's as unique as it is challenging. Cowboy is one of the characters with some combos in Yomi Hustle.

Cowboy is one of the playable characters in Yomi Hustle. He is a character with a very unique gameplay loop. They have large disjointed hit boxes, a good projectile setup route, and a plethora of different combo routes that make this character incredibly fun to play.

However, he can be quite difficult to play if you’re not careful with their options. In particular, his teleport doesn’t work very well in many situations because it respawns behind them, making it extremely hard to recover from any attacks that may have hit you during a teleport.

Another problem with Cowboy is that he needs a dash which makes him very limited when moving. This makes him less able to follow up a combo, especially on the ground properly.

Despite these negativities, Cowboy has the potential to be one of the most interesting characters in Yomi Hustle. If they nerfed their lightning strikes to be much less spammable, this would make them even more appealing.

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What is Cowboy Combos?

In Yomi Hustle, the Cowboy has various combos that can be used to win matches or take down opponents. Each combo is designed to hurt the opponent or give them a little extra time to respond.

Every character in Yomi Hustle has their own unique movement style. Ninja moves more directly and can use more acrobatic movements, such as jumping kicks. At the same time, someone like the Cowboy has much more controlled movements, such as horizontal slashing.

Movement is also influenced by attacks that are chosen on the same turn. Jump kicks send you flying towards the enemy, while horizontal slash sends you a little forward.

A few other factors influence the ability to move, such as Instant Cancels and Whiff cancels. Instant cancels cost one special meter and allow you to change your chosen move into another one when your opponent is next.

The last factor is Whiff cancels, allowing you to cancel a move mid-strike for 3/4 of its burst meter. This is a great way to make sure your combos aren’t interrupted when you’re being attacked and allows you to avoid getting hit with some of the most painful attacks in the game, such as robot kill.

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