We Who Are About To Die – The Ultimate Gladiator Sim

We Who Are About to Die is a one-man-made action-RPG roguelike indie game with physics-based fighting, permanent death, and Gladiator career management! Check out to learn more about We Who Are About to Die!

We Who Are About To Die is a roguelike RPG that revolves around physics-based combat. You play a gladiator in ancient Rome. You fight other gladiators and earn gold and fame. You can then use these to buy better weapons and armor. You can also choose a sponsor to give you a better chance at becoming a legendary gladiator. 

You can also earn a sponsor’s goodwill by surviving a fight. This increases your rewards but decreases your favor with other sponsors. You can then choose to fight for the same sponsor, which will give you more gold and fame.

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Combat Mechanics

We Who Are About To Die is very complex, with numerous mechanics and controls. It requires you to relearn how to fight. The weapons have different damage types, so you need to be careful when using them. 

Some weapons do piercing damage, while others do blunt or slashing damage. Some weapons have longer reach than others, so you need to use them effectively to hit your enemy. You can also drag the mouse in a certain direction to cause your weapon to attack from that direction.

You can block with your shield or an unshielded weapon when you fight and use parrying, standard strikes, and overhead strikes. Your response to these attacks depends on your statistics. You can also draw opponents for you and your teammate. This is important since your life is limited. You must also try to keep your opponents from seeking blood from you.

We Who Are About To Die also has complex camera movement and aiming. You can run away if you are in danger and retreat to regroup. It is not an easy game, but it is entertaining. It has many features and mechanics, including a career management system. You must balance each sponsor’s effects, so you can make your way to the top of the gladiator world.

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Weapons and Power-ups

You can gain access to a number of unique weapons in We Who Are About To Die, including tridents, bardiches, and spears. Each one has its own skill and can do different things. Using movement skills, you can increase your walking speed, rotation speed, and stamina. As you level up, you’ll earn better weapons and armor. As you fight, you’ll also gain more stamina. This is especially important if you plan to use two-handed weapons. In addition, the stamina bar will deplete if you run away from an enemy. You can also use a shield to block attacks.

We Who Are About To Die‘s random backstory will give you a variety of bonuses. Some are related to the combat, such as better stamina, while others will give you less gold. However, all deaths are final. In order to gain a good score, you’ll need to survive each fight. You must choose carefully which sponsors to fight for, or you will end up with less gold and fame.

Check out the game on Steam if you like it and want to give it a shot.

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