Rune Factory 5 Characters

Did you know that there are 38 characters in Rune Factory 5, and you have unlimited options to interact with most of them?

Rune Factory 5 is one of the most popular simulation RPGs, and there are 38 characters in this game. Below, you’re going to find all Rune Factory 5 characters with detailed information about the most important ones. 

As many of you know, you can even marry some characters. Of course, you need to win their hearts first. If you don’t know how to win their hearts, you can check out our Rune Factory 5 Gift Guide. You can also learn about the marriage candidates in Rune Factory 5 by reading our Rune Factory 5 Marriage Candidates.

Rune Factory 5 Protagonists

In Rune Factory 5, there are two protagonists: Ares and Alice

Ares doesn’t remember his past, and he joined the SEED to pay his debt back to the community, which accepted him. He wears three outfits and attracts attention with his light skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair.

Alice also doesn’t remember her past. She also joined the SEED with the same purpose as Ares. She is quite an optimistic woman, attracting attention with her green eyes and long blonde hair.

Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes

Rune Factory 5 Bachelorettes

There are six bachelorettes in the game. Each of them has unique traits and characteristics. 

Beatrice is a noblewoman who is on a secret mission. She pays utmost attention to her responsibilities and gets on well with others.

Fuuka was an animal once who visited many cities all around the world. Finally, she decided to settle down in Rigbarth village and is currently trying to learn human languages.

Lucy is a highly energetic woman who often gets herself into trouble because of her curiosity. However, she enjoys this a lot. She is also quite ambitious and does not like losing in any competition.

Ludmilla can be described as a hopeless romantic. She lives for love and loves to get into trouble. She does what she wants most of the time, without worrying about what others might think about her.

Priscilla is a na├»ve woman who had an accident in the past. Therefore, she is afraid of leaving the village, but she is also working to overcome this fear. She also has a cute low ponytail and pink hair.

Scarlett is a ranger, and she is half-human and half-elf. Her main goal is to be just like her father and keep serving the community for a long time. She follows the rules all the time. Moreover, she liked to be challenged.

Rune Factory 5 Bachelors

Rune Factory 5 Bachelors

There are also six bachelors in Rune Factory 5 with whom you can interact and even start a family. Here are all the details about these handsome bachelors we have briefly compiled for you.

Cecil is the youngest bachelor in Rune Factory 5. He is Martin’s younger brother as well. Although the siblings are a bit distant these days, they still love each other. He wants to be a detective and track his lost family.

Lucas is a stranger who has lost his memory, but we can say that he is a true gentleman. He likes to take notes on almost everything he observes. One of his traits is that he can precisely guess the prices of gems.

Cecil’s older brother, Martin, is the blacksmith of the village, and he wants to be the best in the world. He has a bit of a blunt nature, which often makes him misunderstood by others. His job is his everything, and he is proud of it.

Marukumo is the owner of the only inn in the village. He used to be an animal in the past and now takes care of everyone he knows. Because he doesn’t want to make people unhappy, he always charges them the minimum, and thus, he is considered a bad businessman.

Reinhard is a knight of the Kingdom of Norad. He has been interested in politics for many years. No one knows why Reinhard visited the village or what his purpose was. He is an intelligent, trustworthy, and reputable man.

Ryker is known as the “sleepy young man” in the village. He owes a debt to his mentor and also lacks a work ethic. Thus, Ryker and Martin can’t get on well most of the time. Although he often sleeps during the day, he can be a totally mysterious person at night.

Rune Factory 5 Villagers

Besides the main characters, whom you can constantly interact with, there are also other characters who are not as important as the main characters. However, this does not mean that they are unimportant. You still need to interact with these characters to complete certain tasks or supply certain items.

There are 16 Rune Factory 5 villagers in the game with various styles and personalities. At some point in your progression in the story, you are going to meet all these characters. These villagers are:

  • St. Eliza
  • Radea
  • Palmo
  • Heinz
  • Yuki
  • Misasagi
  • Randolph
  • Julian
  • Terry
  • Simone
  • Hina
  • Oswald
  • Gideon
  • Livia
  • Darroch
  • Elsje

You can still interact with these characters and build a relationship with most of them. Keep in mind that just like bachelorettes and bachelors, most of these villagers also have their own personalities, likes, dislikes, or things they dislike or hate.

Rune Factory 5 Children

Rune Factory 5 Children

Can you imagine a village without any kids? Of course, the developers of Rune Factory 5 also thought about it, and you can find six children in the game. Although they are not very important in terms of the mechanics, you will still have to interact with them during your progression.

The names of Rune Factory 5 children are:

  • Collette
  • Iris
  • Erica
  • Conan
  • Ivan
  • Elias

Rune Factory 5 Guests

You are going to find two guests in Rune Factory 5. If you have played the previous game in the franchise, then you are going to remember Doug. He has the same personality, but this time he is in the game as a guest.

The other guest is Margaret, who is an elf woman. She enjoys music a lot, and she is passing by while in search of new inspiration and ideas for her music.

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