Pizza Tower Pillar John

Pillar john is the giant pillar that the player must destroy in each level to weaken the tower and progress.

Peppino, the main protagonist, traverses each tower floor to break the Pillar John that stands in its way in Pizza Tower. Along the way, he fights each floor’s bosses, including Pepperman, The Vigilante, The Noise, and Fake Peppino.

Pillar John is a big, tall purple pillar with a mostly grumpy face. His black eyes have yellow ringed pupils, a distinguished wrinkly forehead, a large nose, and an underbite often hiding his pearly white teeth. He has a slightly different appearance in The Crumbling Tower of Pizza and has a more tired and stern expression and is covered in pizza toppings. He also has a small hat on his head.

In the game, Pillar John is a major part of the story and acts as the gate for each level, as the player must destroy him to enter. When the player destroys him, a “Pizza Time” phase starts, and they must return to the level’s entrance before a timer runs out. This is where the gameplay gets particularly tense, as enemies spawn in and obstacles shift around to create new paths for your escape.

Pizza Tower Pillar John

All Appearances of Pillar John in Pizza Tower

When he first appears in the game, he blocks the Tower Secret Treasure, which is needed to open the gate to the next level. He also blocks the Noise Satellite in Demo 2.

After defeating him, he will then turn into a broken pillar and fly out of Peppino’s body and into the player’s. He will then resurrect and restore his original form. 

The player can pick up some of the Tower’s treasures during this process. These can then be fed into a broken John, restoring him to his original state.

He will then begin to smile, which will count towards combos. If the player has a high enough score, they will be able to resurrect in his original form at the end of each of the final levels in the game.

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