Pizza Tower Pepperman – How to Beat Pepperman?

Pepperman is the first boss of Pizza Tower and is your introduction to all the battles in the game. Here's everything about your first big enemy.

Pepperman is a large red pepper with long arms and big blue eyes and is the first boss you will fight in Pizza Tower. Pepperman‘s personality, an egotistical, self-absorbed, narcissistic artist who thinks he’s above everyone else, really shines through in the game. Fighting with him could be tricky, so check out this article to learn how to fight with Pepperman in Pizza Tower.

Pepperman’s frequently seen sporting a confident grin and showing his teeth in combat. He can be quite tricky to hit, so try waiting until he charges up, then ground-pound him when he flashes white. He also bounces a bit, so leading his shot as much as possible is important.

He is also the only boss who can be stomped to shorten his life, though this will make him vulnerable to attacks. He also has a special attack where he rolls up like a balloon and inflates before hitting a wall.

This ability will grant Peppino a lot of momentum, and he can easily break small blocks by sliding over them. His dash pad also works in this state, allowing him to run through small gaps faster than he could crawl.

It also allows him to jump in mid-air ten times, giving him an advantage over his enemies. In addition, he will also gain speed from sliding down slopes and stairs.

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How to Beat Pepperman in Pizza Tower?

Pepperman is the only boss with a limited health pool (shown on the top-left of the screen) and can be defeated by running out of chef’s hats or by destroying the pepper blocks that appear in the arena.

He can grow to a huge size and perform a Ground Pound move, but this only lasts for a limited time, and he’ll become vulnerable after hitting a wall. To beat this phase, you must catch Pepperman in time and smack him repeatedly until he stops admiring the statue, at which point they can finish off the boss.

The way to beat Pepperman is to attack him with a quick melee weapon when his health reaches its last point. He will shrink to a small size and start bouncing around, but this is actually a very vulnerable state for him. The trick is waiting for him to hit the ground and smacking him when he flashes white. Once he hits the ground, he will bounce a few times before he runs away. In this fight, you will have limited health indicated by chef’s hat icons on the top-left of the screen. When you run out of hats, the game will warn you that the fight is over. However, more hats will drop onto the arena for you to restore yourself.

When Pepperman gets tired of charging, he will ground pound you instead. This is a very vulnerable move, so you’ll want to wait for him to hit the ground before hitting him again. After a few of these, Pepperman will start to bounce off the walls and flip off the floor. This is a good time to get him to jump up because it’s easier to lead his shot when he’s jumping around.

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