Pizza Tower All Secrets and Collectibles

The Pizza Tower is a fast-paced 2D platformer inspired by the Wario Land series and '90s cartoons. The game has some hidden secrets; this article will cover them all for you.

In Pizza Tower, you play as Peppino Spaghetti, a surprisingly agile and powerful fat, balding Italian who traverses the wacky levels of the tower, collecting toppings for his pizzas and fighting monsters along the way. There are also several hidden areas within the levels and secret rooms. You may not normally walk through these rooms while playing the game, and they contain hidden easter eggs that expand on the game’s lore.

However, getting to these hidden locations can be tricky, so it’s worth researching before trying to unlock them. If you do, you’ll get the opportunity to slay some enemies and collect treasure.

About the Secrets in Pizza Tower

Throughout each level, you’ll encounter various enemies and collectibles. These can be redeemed for money at the end of each level, which can then be used to open the next floor’s boss gate.

The most important collectibles in each level are Toppins, little walking food dudes that resemble pizza toppings and can be freed from cages. These can be found in secret rooms around the tower and are essential to a successful run.

Another important collectible is the Secrets, hidden areas that can be opened by acquiring the key to a certain door. These can contain items such as a pizza slice or other secrets.

These are incredibly important, as they can grant you access to more difficult levels and new mechanics. Some of these secret rooms are very dangerous, so you’ll have to take your time and carefully navigate them.

You can also find some of these hidden areas during the “Pizza Time” phase that starts at each level. During this time, many blocks will solidify and change their state. This will both open up shortcuts you may have missed and seal off paths that were previously accessible.

In addition to these, you can also discover a few secrets in the tower itself. These include the Old Tower Secret, a room with a stone head, and many weird animals. Finally, you can also find a few Pizza Portals scattered around the tower. These will warp you back to where Pillar John was if you finish the level quickly enough. This can be a helpful tool if you want to try and increase your score by doing a second run through a level that’s already been completed.

Pizza Tower All Secrets and Collectibles IndieWod ss

All Secrets in Pizza Tower

  • Mansion Secret: This large room contains hundreds of enormous portraits of strangers. Mansion is located in the Staff Only chamber. You can access the room by launching yourself up at the top of the ceiling in the Staff only room. Once you’ve reached the level, you will see a doorway to the room.
  • Old Tower Secret:
    • The Secret Room:  This strange room is located in the Tower Lobby. An enormous stone head lies on the chamber floor, surrounded by other strange beasts. You can access the Old Tower Secret by breaking through the medium-height wall next to the portal/doorway on the room’s far right.
    • Secret Treasure: If you’ve got the time, you can attempt to find the Secret Treasures, which are scattered throughout each level. These will grant you 3000 Pizza Points, and they’ll also affect one of the ending images in the game.
  • Mr. Car Secret: The Mr. Car secret room is interesting since it adds a new dimension to the game. Mr. Car is discovered sitting in the middle of a room with a city backdrop, appearing rather dejected and troubled. Getting to The Slum, racing to the left, and crashing through a medium-height wall will lead you to Mr. Car.
  • John Gutter Secrets:
    • The first secret is located in the second room of the level’s second section. Below is a little passable wall and a bulge in the ceiling. The player must super jump in the center of the bulge to gain access to the secret.
    • The second secret is located in the second room of the level’s third section. Ground-pound on a white eye mark on the floor to reveal the secret.
    • The third secret is found in the vertical room during Pizza Time. There is some space available on one of the platforms. To discover the secret, the player must reach Mach 3 and smash into a cracked wall.

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