Pizza Tower All Enemies and Bosses List

Pizza Tower is a platform game that takes heavy inspiration from entertainment during the 1990s. During his journey, the main character Peppino encounters a variety of enemies.

The main character is a supersonic Italian chef named Peppino Spaghetti, who is on a quest to destroy the Pizza Tower, which threatens his pizzeria’s survival. He’ll go through bizarre floors and fight monsters along the way to achieve his goal. The player controls Peppino Spaghetti as he traverses the many floors of the tower. Each floor contains a variety of enemies and secrets that you can unlock to progress through the tower.

During the game, you’ll encounter various enemies that will hurt Peppino and even kill him if you hit them. In addition to these enemies, there are other objects that can harm you if you get near them. These objects include: Some enemies can be spawned by certain objects, and some will have unique attacks. They may also have a different look than other enemies in the game.

How to Fight Enemies in Pizza Tower?

For example, some enemies will have a fireball that they throw at the player. This will cause the player to be flattened if they are hit by it. Some enemies will have a special attack, such as a spike, that can kill Peppino instantly. In addition to these enemies, there are also some bosses, and some of them will be difficult to defeat.

The first boss, Pepperman, is an aggressive and ferocious foe that will have you scrambling to beat him. He will be able to deal a large amount of damage, but he can also use items and magic items to attack you.

He also has a unique ability that allows him to jump and charge up. This is a great way to fight him because it allows you to use your moves to kill him without taking any damage yourself, which can make it easier to hit him. Here are all the enemies in Pizza Tower:

List of enemies in Pizza Tower

Regular EnemiesSecret EnemiesUnused Enemies
Pizza BoyCamembert SquirePizza Car
Pillar JohnMeatball BoulderGreen Shrimp Thug
CheeseslimeGrandpaPolice Car
ForknightMr. CarPineapple Biker
Swedish MonkeyNoise SatelliteChili Pepper
Mini JohnNoise Bomb
Pepperoni GoblinSmoked Weenie
Pizza Box GoblinCheese Peppino Robot
PencerBear Trap
Flying AnchovyPizza Lady
Tribe CheeseLaser Gun Cheeseslime
Kentucky Kennyobj_monster
Bandito Chickenobj_smollmonster
Mushroom Ghostobj_scaryeyes
John Ghost
Potato Farmer
Electric Potato
Ranch Shooter
Bad Rat
Spit Cheese
Cannon Pizza Goblin
Captain Pizza Goblin
Treasure Chest Guy
Noise Goblin
Olive Trooper
Golf Demon
Burger Golfer
Big Cheese
Pizza Slug
Shrimp Thug
Peppino Robot
Box Stamper
Grabbie Hand
Trash Pan
Ninja Slice
Mr. Pinch
Giant Slime
Fake Santa
Ghost King
Pepperoni Goblin Bat
Toppin Monsters
Flying Patroller
Pizza Soldier
Cardboard Tank
Kentucky Bomber

List of bosses

Pizza Tower also features a variety of different bosses that you can fight. Each boss is different from the others and has their own special moves. These attacks can include throwing spiky cheeseballs, launching cannonballs at you, and spitting out lightning bolt projectiles that hurt the player. Here is the list of all bosses in Pizza Tower:

  • Pepperman
  • The Vigilante
  • The Noise
  • Fake Peppino
  • Pizzaface
  • ???

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