Limbus Company Yuri Guide

Yuri is one of the Fixers who work behind the scenes for the Sinners, and this article will help you know Yuri character better.

Yuri is a young woman with long, straight hair and a bandaid on her chin and wears the uniform of the company with a reddish-pink color and is relatively calm compared to the sinners, and shows kindness to Dante. She is a Grade 8 Fixer working for Limbus Company and at the destroyed L Corp branch and is the only member of her team who survived.

She is generally mild-mannered but occasionally shows a more exasperated side, as when she handles Charon. She carries around some kind of long sword and is not as strong as her teammates, but she makes up for it with kindness and consideration.

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Yuri is a kind, albeit clumsy, character who wants to be helpful to those around her. She feels a lot of guilt for her past affiliation with Lobotomy Corporation, which works to define much of her personality. Her relationship with Gregor also helps to build up her character, as she wants to make him proud of her.

Yuri’s Story is Quite Dark

Yuri is recruited by the Manager, who works for a company called Limbus Company. He has a quota that he needs to fill, and he recruits the Sinners to help him with it. A Manager is a person who was once affiliated with the now-defunct L Corp, and he has a goal to obtain the Golden Boughs, which are effectively part of the mega energy stored within that fallen company.

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Yuri’s story in Limbus Company is quite dark, as she was responsible for bringing the abnormalities to L Corp for experimentation. Despite being the sole survivor of the massacre, Yuri lives in masses of silent guilt, feeling that she was the reason her coworkers died.

Unlike her fellow Sinners, she is rather calm and reserved in Limbus Company, although she does open up to the group over time. She shows care and kindness for the other characters, including her feelings for Aya, whose death she is still traumatized by.

She also displays a strong sense of responsibility for the sinners and their future, as she tells them that they have to make the world right again after the war.

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