Limbus Company Overview

Limbus Company is the third game from Project Moon, the studio behind popular titles Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina. It is a gacha-driven turn-based strategy RPG now available for mobile and PC.

Limbus Company is a turn-based strategy indie game from Project Moon, the studio behind popular titles Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina. In Limbus Company, you play as Dante, a man with amnesia after being attacked and his head replaced with a clock by mysterious assailants.

Dante is then saved by Vergilius, who makes him an executive manager of a group of 12 Sinners who can revive people after death at the cost of great pain. The group aims to explore ruined branches of the now-destroyed Lobotomy Corporation, where the Golden Boughs are hidden.

While this a relatively easy gacha game, the real challenge comes when you enter dungeons and abnormality fights. In these battles, you’ll have to choose different nodes to explore, try to gather essential EGO gifts as passive bonuses, and fight against Abnormalities.

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A Roguelike Dungeon System

As in its predecessors, Limbus Company features a roguelike dungeon system that requires you to complete a series of levels to reach the boss. You also get to fight different types of enemies, each with their own unique skills.

The main goal in combat is to chain the skills of your Sinners together and make them work as a team. In this way, you can create more powerful attacks than their individual parts. This is done by matching a character’s “sin” or attack color with an enemy’s “sin” or attack type.

Each Sinner is given three attacks that they can use in battle. Each of these attacks has a Sin Resonance, an amount of damage they deal against their target. The more damage they do against an enemy, the higher their Clash Win Rate will be.

You can increase the number of attacks each Sinner can use by purchasing EGOs. These are items that grant you a skill that’s character specific and can only be equipped to the corresponding Identity.

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Strong Story for a Hard Gacha Game

The main mechanics of Limbus Company are a combination of gacha and story-driven elements. As you progress through the story, enemies will start to become more powerful. This makes it important to constantly upgrade your strongest Identities by leveling them up and increasing their Tier through Uptying.

Unlike other gacha games, Limbus Company‘s Identities don’t come in a set rarity tier. Some are even more powerful than the 00 or 000 rank ones. This is especially true of the LCB Sinner Outis identity, which has a piercing attack and can rupture an enemy for 30% more damage.

While Limbus Company has a strong story, it can be hard to master the mechanics and find the right balance between its gacha and story elements. It’s certainly worth a try for fans of occultic-themed mobile games.

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