Last Epoch Legendary Potential

The Legendary Potential of a Unique determines how powerful a Legendary Item can be created from it.Check this article to understand how this new crafting system works.

The Legendary Potential is a highly functional and creative crafting system in Last Epoch that allows players to craft items with unprecedented power. While several different components must be honed together to produce the ultimate piece, some tricks of the trade will make your item of choice stand out from the rest.

The legendary crafting system in Last Epoch has a few different ways to achieve a unique look, and it relies on the flexibility of affixes to bring your piece of equipment to life. The key is understanding how each affix affects the gear’s performance and then experimenting with different combinations to find the best mix for you.

Once you’ve figured out which affixes are most suitable for your gear, it’s time to gather all the necessary materials and place them in the Ancient Crucible. Then, you’re ready to start forging legendary items that will elevate your artisan skills and transform your Last Epoch character into the unstoppable force you’ve always wanted!

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How to Create a Legendary Item?

To create a legendary item, you must have two items that are both Unique and Exalted. The Unique must have Legendary Potential, and the Exalted must have at least four unsealed affixes.

These affixes can be obtained by breaking down equipment or acquiring them through dungeons. They can also be crafted using a variety of materials, such as affix shards and glyphs.

When crafting a legendary, you must use affixes that synergize with your character’s playstyle and skills. The best affixes will add extra damage, sustain, or utility to your character’s arsenal.

You can also mix and match different affixes with different pieces of base gear to get the perfect blend of power and versatility for your unique build. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your gear and try out new combinations to see how they stack up against the competition.

Regarding farming, a good place to target farms for Legendary Potential is level 80 zones. This will increase your chances of getting a Legendary potential unique item that you can convert into a Legendary.

If you’re looking for a specific unique with Legendary Potential, it’s important to note that these are very rare. They can drop in high-level zones, but they aren’t as common as low-level uniques that have a lower chance of dropping with Legendary Potential.

Achieving Legendary Potential is a complex process but worth the effort. With the right knowledge and skill, you’ll soon be transforming your arsenal into a devastating force that’s sure to take down all comers.

Legendary Potential Drop Rate

Uniques that drop with Legendary Potential are rare and only available from a specific group of dungeons. They are also far from guaranteed, so make sure to do plenty of farming and try your best to find the dungeons that will give you the most Legendary Potential drops.

Every Last Epoch Unique Item has a chance to have “Legendary Potential” as a property. It has a value ranging from 0 to 4, with 4 being the best possible roll (and also extremely rare).

In addition to the unique, players will be able to find a few sets of crafted items that can be used for fusion as well. These sets have a higher chance of dropping with Legendary Potential than their unique counterparts. These items are marked with an orange name and border and have a few distinct traits that can’t be gained through normal crafting.

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