Last Epoch Classes and Masteries Guide

Explore the unique Last Epoch classes and masteries to shape your journey through Eterra. Find your path with our detailed guide.

Last Epoch is an exciting adventure game that offers a range of classes to choose from, each with its own unique gameplay style. One of the best features that make the game stand out among other action RPGs is the diverse classes and their abilities. In this article, we will explore the different classes in Last Epoch and what makes them special. Join us as we dive into the world of Last Epoch classes and discover the strategic depth they bring to the game.

Last Epoch is an RPG game with a lot of depth, customization, and strategic gameplay for those who love adventure games like you. The game creates a universe that is full of excitement and adventure where you can choose your character class to define your combat tactics and shape your journey through the story. 

As you know from other strategic RPGs, the classes and masteries define your character’s abilities, strengths, and strategic approaches to combat in these kinds of games. In Last Epoch, each class offers various possibilities and encourages players to step into their unique roles as protectors, destroyers, or saviors of the world. Now, let’s deep dive into each class in Last Epoch.

Sentinel Class and Masteries

Last Epoch Sentinel Class and Masteries

The Sentinel stands as a bastion of strength and honor, embodying the knight archetype with a versatile skill set that spans melee combat, armor proficiency, and shield mastery. 

Sentinel skills, such as “Shield Rush” for rapid traversal and “Smite” for powerful single-target damage, illustrate this class’s ability to adapt to various combat scenarios. 

Masteries within the Sentinel class –Void KnightForge Guard, and Paladin– further refine your character’s role, from harnessing the Void’s destructive energy to embodying the Paladin’s protective and healing virtues​​​​.

Last Epoch Sentiel Masteries: 

  • Void Knight, 
  • Forge Guard, 
  • Paladin

Mage Class and Masteries

Last Epoch Mage Class and Masteries

Mages are elemental powerhouses, weaving spells of fire, lightning, and cold with devastating effects. 

Their mastery over elemental forces is unparalleled, making them capable of dealing massive area-of-effect damage or focusing on a single target with critical strikes. 

The Mage class splits into three distinct masteries: SorcererSpellblade, and Runemaster, each offering unique skills like “Meteor” for Sorcerers and “Shatter Strike” for Spellblades. 

This diversity allows you to customize your Mage to be a fierce spellcaster from afar or a melee combatant that imbues their weapons with elemental fury​​.

Last Epoch Mage Masteries:

  • Sorcerer, 
  • Spellblade, 
  • Runemaster

Rogue Class and Masteries

Last Epoch Rogue Class and Masteries

Rogues are masters of stealth, agility, and precision, excelling in both ranged and melee combat. 

This class offers a versatile toolkit for players who enjoy a tactical approach to battles, leveraging shadows and swift movements to outmaneuver opponents. 

The Rogue’s masteries, FalconerBladedancer, and Marksman, focused on enhancing melee and ranged capabilities, respectively, with unique mechanics like creating shadows that mimic the Rogue’s actions, adding a layer of depth and strategy to this class​​.

Last Epoch Rogue Masteries:

  • Bladedancer 
  • Marksman
  • Falconer

Primalist Class and Masteries

Last Epoch Primalist Class and Masteries

Primalists call upon the raw forces of nature and the bond with beasts to dominate the battlefield. 

With masteries like BeastmasterShaman, and Druid, Primalists can choose to lead a pack of powerful companions, harness the elemental power of totems, or transform into formidable beasts themselves. 

Skills such as “Summon Raptor” for Beastmasters or “Werebear Form” for Druids highlight the Primalist’s connection to the natural world, offering a playstyle that is both versatile and deeply thematic​​.

Last Epoch Primalist Masteries:

  • Beastmaster, 
  • Shaman, 
  • Druid

Acolyte Class and Masteries

Last Epoch Acolyte Class and Masteries

Acolytes delve into the darker aspects of magic, mastering death, decay, and the undead. 

This class is for players who relish the idea of wielding necrotic and poison damage, summoning minions to do their bidding, or sacrificing their own health for greater power. 

The Acolyte’s masteries -Lich, Necromancer, and Warlock- each explore different facets of dark magic, from direct damage and minion control to specializing in damage over time spells. 

Skills like “Reaper Form” for Liches and “Summon Wraith” for Necromancers exemplify the Acolyte’s macabre and powerful arsenal​​.

Last Epoch Acolyte Masteries:

  • Lich, 
  • Necromancer, 
  • Warlock

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