How to Complete Duff’s Pink Delivery in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver is a unique and interesting title that offers a variety of gameplay styles with different quests. Duff's Pink Delivery is another challenging quest in the game. This article will provide information on How to Complete Duff's Pink Delivery in Dave the Diver.

Getting all the way through Dave the Diver will take more than just a couple of hours, however. There are a number of quests to complete before you can begin. Among them is Duff’s Pink Delivery. With this quest, you’ll be able to earn a small amount of cash and complete a neat pixel art cutscene in the process. Duff’s Pink Delivery quest chain is one of the most important and challenging quest chains in Dave the Diver. It starts with Duff asking for help tracking down an important package. So, How to Complete Duff’s Pink Delivery in Dave the Diver?

The final stage of Duff’s Pink Delivery quest requires a boss fight. This is where you must examine and study the abilities of the terrible enemy. After that, you will need to find the most vulnerable part of the monster’s body.

Kill The Giant Squid to Complete the Pink Delivery

In order to progress in Duff’s Pink Delivery quest, The Giant Squid in the cave must be eliminated first. The Giant Squid has a couple of different abilities:

The Pushback: The squids perform some kind of ink attack to knock Dave back. This ability does not deal any damage but interrupts movement capacity of Dave for a while.

Tentacle Attack: Dave has to be very careful when he’s been pushed back by the monster. The squid has 6 tentacles which Dave must avoid interfering with. Players must use their dodging skills to protect themselves from taking any damage from the foul creature.

The Melee Slap: The creature covers its eye with one of its tentacles to avoid taking damage from the player. This tentacle is the one it uses to slap Dave during their fight.

As you can understand, its eye is the most vulnerable part of its body. When it exposes the eye to Dave, the player must be as fast as he/she can and attack its eye. 3-5 direct shots to the eyeball will certainly take care of the squid.

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