Dark and Darker Map Guide

Dark and darker is an unforgiving hardcore dungeon dive with a massive world to explore. Let's look at how the maps feature in this upcoming dungeon crawler.

Dark and Darker‘s gameplay is a brutal hardcore dungeon dive where players take on various enemies and traps, all trying to kill them and steal their gear. This makes the game a very challenging experience, and learning how to navigate each map is crucial for survival.

The game is still in the Alpha phase of development, but Ironmace Games plans to release new content, weapons, and maps throughout its life cycle. Speaking of new content and maps, let’s take look at the maps in Dark and Darker closer.

Crypt 01N

Maps in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker feature several distinct maps, and each one has its own set of challenges. Whether you’re playing the Goblin Caves or the Inferno, each map is filled with dangerous monsters and challenging dungeon terrain. However, there’s a certain order in which you should play each map.

For example, if you’re new to the game, you should start with Crypt 1 or Inferno 1. This map is relatively big, giving you a lot of space to escape from and explore.

In contrast, you should start with Goblin Caves map if you’re a veteran player. This is a smaller map but still features a large pool of loot. It also allows you to fight enemies with different levels, allowing you to improve your skills.

Whatever map you choose, the best thing to do is study it. That way, you can learn the layout and know how to navigate each labyrinth. This will prevent you from being stuck when the Death Swarm spawns. It will also give you a better chance of survival should you get into trouble while exploring.

Here is the list of all official maps in Dark and Darker:

  • Crypt 01 N
  • Crypt 02 HR
  • Crypt 04 HR
  • Crypt 01 HR
  • Crypt 03 N
  • Crypt 05 HR
  • Crypt 02 N
  • Crypt 03 HR
  • Crypt 06 HR
  • Goblin Cave 01
  • Inferno 01 N
  • Inferno 02 N
  • Inferno O2 HR
  • Inferno 01 HR

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