Dark and Darker Classes

Learn Dark and Darker Classes including wizards, fighters, clerics, barbarian, rangers, and rogue.

Dark and Darker is a first-person dungeon crawler game. The game has you leading a party of four adventurers into the dungeon to fight monsters and gather treasure. The dungeon is full of zombies, skeletons, and swinging axes, so you’ll need to use all of your skills to survive. Each adventurer has a different skill set that will help them overcome the challenges.

Players can choose one of the six character classes, and they will receive perks and special abilities based on their class. These classes are a great way to build teams with up to three members. The game also includes dozens of team-building options. There are plans to add more classes in the future. Let’s take a look at the Dark and Darker Classes in our post.


A typical class that can cast spells and performs magic attacks.

Weapon of choice: Wizard Staff or Spellbook


  • Cast powerful spells
  • Meditate to self-refresh spells
  • Wield magical weapons


  • Low cast rate
  • Low physical damage
  • Low health


A melee combatant who can equip melee weapons and fight his enemy.

Weapon of choice: Almost everything


  • Can equip most weapons & armor
  • Well-rounded attributes
  • Has the ability to sprint


  • Dependent on equipment
  • Cannot cast any spells


A soldier of immense faith. 

Weapon of choice: Flanged Mace


  • Casts healing and protective spells
  • Able to equip some plate armor
  • Bonus damage to the undead
  • Adept with many blunt weapons


  • Slow attack speed
  • Low cast rate
  • Low damage bonus


The heavy attacker. He can endure immense pain, and his rage breaks all.

Weapon of choice: Anything heavy


  • Extreme Health
  • Damage bonus with two-handed weapons.
  • Innate magic resistance


  • Slow base movement speed
  • Slow attack speed
  • Slow cast speed


The cunning ambusher with fast hands.

Weapon of choice: Any long-ranged weapons


  • Quick with his bow
  • Track enemy players
  • Set traps
  • Quickly start a campfire


  • Cannot equip most melee weapons
  • Low damage with melee weapons


The unseen master of deception. He is there to trouble you with your traps and everything.

Weapon of choice: Daggers


  • High movement speed
  • Quick attack speed
  • Quick interaction with objects
  • Can pick locks without a lock pick
  • Can detect and disable traps
  • Moves more silently than other characters


  • Low health
  • Low damage bonus
  • Low magic resistance

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