Dark and Darker Barbarian Build

The Barbarian is one of Dark and Darker's six playable classes. Check out this article to learn more about Barbarians and their builds.

Barbarian is one of the most popular classes in Dark and Darker due to its innate strength and high HP. It specializes in fighting with axes and two-handed weapons, which gives it serious damage and regeneration ability in combat. 

The Barbarian has a lot of great abilities to make up for this. Its main skills are Rage, which increases Strength and Movement Speed, and Reckless Attack, which ignores 75% of the enemy’s armor on the next hit. 

This is why we recommend you build a Barbarian with perks and skills that can help you deal severe damage in single-hit attacks. This will give you more chances to win a game. With the right combination of perks, skills, and gear, this class is one of the best in the game. The key is to get the best Barbarian build and perks that suit your playstyle.

How to Build A Barbarian in Dark and Darker?

Barbarians have a wide array of perks that allow them to tailor their build to fit their specific play style. This makes them a great choice for solo players or if you are looking to have a frontline support character in a team.

Choosing the right perks for the Barbarian is important to get the most out of your character in Dark and Darker. The Barbarian’s perks focus on their strengths, with buffs to their physical attack power, HP recovery, impact damage, and more.

Some of the most valuable perks include Axe Specialization, which gives you 10 weapon damage for every axe attack you deal with. Berserker is also a great Perk to choose for dungeon-diving because it increases your physical attack power based on your lost health.

Another good Perk is Two-Handed Weapon Expert, which increases your physical damage bonus as long as you’re using a two-handed weapon. Lastly, there’s Morale Boost, which recovers 12% of your health after killing another player.

The Barbarian is one of the most feared and powerful classes in Dark and Darker. Their strong physical attacks and innate strength make them a terrifying opponent that you’ll want to have on your side when you enter the perilous dungeons! You can build a powerful Barbarian in Dark and Darker with a little planning. Here are all the other best barbarian perks and skills we compiled for you:

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Best Barbarian Perks

PerkPerk Effect
Axe SpecializationAdds +10 damage to axe attacks.
BerserkerYour attack power increases as you lose HP. Each loss of 10% health from max HP gives 3% more physical attack power up to a max bonus of 30% physical attack power.
CarnageStrength increases by +10 for seven seconds when a target is killed.
Iron WillIncreases magic resistance rating by 100.
Morale BoostRecovers 12% HP upon killing a player.
SavagePhysical damage bonus increases by 10% while not wearing any chest armor.
SmashDestroys weak doors and sturdy containers. Increases the impact power of attacks by +1
Toughness10% HP increase
Two-Handed Weapon Expert+ 5% attack power when attacking with a two-handed weapon.

Best Barbarian Skills

PerkPerk Effect
RageIncreased strength. Movement speed is increased by 15%. Defense is reduced by -20% when performed the skill.
Reckless AttackThe next hit ignores 75% of the enemy’s defense. Your aggression results in a -55 armor rating.
Savage RoarFrightens all enemies within a 7.5-meter radius for six seconds. Enemies within the area lose their attack damage by %25.
WarcryIncreases the maximum HP of yourself and nearby allies by 25% for seven seconds.

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