Citizen Burger Disorder Overview

Are you ready to play as a burger chef trying to keep your business afloat while keeping customers content and out of harm's way? Then Citizen Burger Disorder is exactly your taste. Here's everything we think of the game so far.

Citizen Burger Disorder is a multiplayer sim game that puts you in the shoes of a burger joint employee. You have to take orders, cook the right burgers, and deliver them to customers. You also have to keep the kitchen clean and rat-free. It’s a QWOP-style game, with WASD controlling movement, Q and E operating each arm independently, and the left and right mouse buttons used to pick up items. The gameplay is a little awkward, and there are a lot of bugs, but it’s fun.

Kritz, an Australian game developer, had been working on this project for a while when PewDiePie started streaming it on YouTube. In the space of a couple of hours, it was played by 25,000 randoms. That exposure sucked Kritz’s server dry, and while he was lucky enough to get it back up again a few minutes later, the idea that all this might be for nothing loomed over him. He feared that he’d never see Citizen Burger Disorder again, let alone be part of its success.

Citizen Burger Disorder

Prepare Burgers and Use Your Own Currency!

Citizen Burger Disorder puts you in the shoes of a burger employee, trying to make orders while attempting to keep your kitchen clean and customers happy. It’s also one of the few games that let you build a burger from scratch rather than letting it get sucked into the trash. This makes it a very fast-paced memory game, but it gets harder as you collect more ingredients and serve more orders.

You also have a currency in Citizen Burger Disorder called Happiness, which increases as you serve more burgers correctly but depletes it as you give customers the wrong order or they leave early. This will help you buy more ingredients or even another table to serve customers at the end of each day. But it will also make the game progressively more difficult, so you’ll have to be careful not to buy too many ingredients or waste them on the wrong ones.

Remember, It’s Still Under Development

The game boasts a few of the aforementioned wacky physics, a few cool animations, and some serious abrasion when it comes to making the right choices in the kitchen. It’s still a work in progress, but for those willing to put up with the bugs, it’s one of the most fun games those first 25,000 lucky players have had in a while. You can play it in Second Life, the largest online gaming community to date. It also has a very high hit rate, which means it’s a great way to hone your burger-slinging skills.

There is a lot to like about Citizen Burger Disorder. It has a fun premise, and the gameplay shows plenty of promise. However, you should remember that the game has been under development for a really long time. Give the developers some more time and try to support them as much as you can to help the release process of this fun title.

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