Wordle alternative puzzle game, Dordle, is available for free.

If you like to play video games developed by indie developers, you may like Dordle too. This new game was inspired by Wordle, which became highly popular recently. In Wordle, players have one chance every day to guess the word determined for that day. So, what about Dordle? Let’s learn more about the game and the differences between Wordle and Dordle.

You will be trying to type words and find the correct letters in the right places. Once you guess the word, you can type it and win the game. However, since you have one try every day, people start to forget Wordle quickly. On the other hand, Dordle lets you enjoy the game as much as you want and offers a great experience for players.

The gameplay is very similar to Wordle, but unlike the original game, you have unlimited tries. It has two different modes. In the first mode, only a single word will be determined every day, but you can try as many times as you want.

In the second game mode, the word changes once you guess it. Again, you will have unlimited chances to try. Whenever you get bored or stuck, you can click on the “new game” option located at the top left of your screen to restart the game.

Differences Between Wordle and Dordle

Although both games have the same concept, where you need to guess the hidden word, they have huge differences in terms of gaming experience. Unfortunately, players have only one right to try to find the word in a day.

On the other hand, players do not have any limitations on Dordle. Moreover, this word puzzle game offers two different game modes that you can prefer according to your preferences. Thus, if you are looking for a fun word game to play in your free time, then Dordle will be a better option in terms of sustainability.

Dordle is now available on for free.

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