Volcano Princess Endings Guide

Developed by Egg Hatcher Studio, Volcano Princess takes the player through an exciting adventure in a world of swords and sorcery. The choices the player makes will affect the future of the empire.

In Volcano Princess, you play as Wood, a widower raising his daughter Rose alone. Your decisions in the game will affect how Rose grows up and what kind of person she becomes. You can choose whether you want her to be smarter, stronger, more compassionate or more imaginative.

There are several different endings in Volcano Princess. Some of them are rewarded when you complete certain sidequests, while others require you to max out all the career paths and relationships.

Whether it’s by maxing out certain relationships or career paths, players can unlock different endings to discover more of the story. Regardless of which ending you reach, the final one is sure to be heartwarming and uplifting. You can also get a “True” ending by beating all the forest location bosses and completing the special mission you will be invited to afterward.

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Career Endings

Path of the Monarch

  • Volcano Queen
  • Volcano Goddess
  • Honorable Knight

Live for Ultimate Wisdom

  • Judge
  • Nun
  • Scholar
  • The Great Scholar
  • Priest
  • Archbishop
  • Minister

In Pursuit of Greater Power

  • Soldier
  • Warrior
  • Guard Captain
  • Undercover Police Detective
  • Gold Adventurer
  • Marksman
  • Hunter
  • General

Become the Most Charismatic

  • Theatre Star
  • Belle
  • Theatre Actress
  • Concubine
  • Haunted Inn Keeper
  • Countess
  • Dancer
  • Upperclass Courtesan
  • Harlot

I Want to Try All Kinds of Professions

  • The Wealthiest in the World
  • Commoner
  • Royal Fortune Teller
  • Diligent Farmer
  • Oarsman
  • Heart-Throb
  • Doctor
  • Bricklayer
  • Merchant
  • Top Chef
  • Unemployed
  • Entrepreneur
  • Street Fortune Teller
  • Waitress

Let Art and I Become One

  • Popular Novelist
  • Famous Pianist
  • Amateur Novelist
  • Music Composer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Prominent Cartoonist
  • Royal Painter
  • Legendary Artist
  • Wandering Singer
  • Opera Heroine
  • Great Writer
  • Bard


  • Heaven Society’s Boss
  • Demon Queen
  • Rascal
  • Cultist
  • Fraudster
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Romance Endings

  • Let’s Harvest Wheat Together – Benson, Hackett, Craig, Lon, and Ze
  • Nina’s Bride  – Marry Nina
  • A Promise to Grandpa – Marry Ellen
  • Braveheart Lakeside – Marry Lebsa
  • The Prince’s Ever After  – Marry Kenneth
  • Soldier’s Wife – Marry Mark
  • The Judge’s St. Elmo’s Fire – Marry Ze
  • Chef’s Honey – Marry Mona
  • The Scholar’s Spring Breeze – Marry Claude
  • Girl’s Paradise – Mona and Nina
  • The Bird of Red – Marry Hackett
  • The Nun’s Keeper – Marry Connie
  • The Queen’s Exclusive Knight – Marry Gwyneth
  • The Bard’s Companion – Marry Derek
  • Musician’s Sun – Marry Craig
  • The Novelist’s Heroine – Marry Lon
  • Kite of the Royal Family – Gwyneth and Kenneth
  • Painter’s Mockingbird  – Marry Benson
  • Mutual Care  – Marry Mary
  • My Cloth Designer  – Marry Rebecca
  • My Weapon Forger – Marry Blacksmith’s son
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True Ending

While you can get various endings by maxing out certain relationships and careers, there is a true end that will give you the achievement called “Volcano Princess”. This final end can only be achieved by beating all of the forest locations’ bosses and completing a special mission that will be available afterward.

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