Super Auto Pets Test Server

Super Auto Pets is one of the interesting card games that offer a great fun opportunity to players. It is a completely free-to-play indie game developed and published by Team Wood Games. You are going to battle your animals in this auto-battle game.

One of the best parts of Super Auto Pets is that the developers keep working to improve the game and enhance the gaming experience for players. For this reason, they launched a test server on If you would like to test the new features that will be introduced in the game, you can give it a try.

Super Auto Pets Test Server ss

What Is Offered on the Super Auto Pets Test Server?

The players had problems with early leavers. This is why Team Wood Games introduced abandon-hat in the test server. If a player leaves too many games early, that player will receive the abandon-hat. These players will only play against players with the same hat.

Another great feature of the Super Auto Pets Test Server is that you will start the game with 10 lives. Depending on your tier, you will lose lives in the same portion. For example, the tier two will lose two lives at once. Now, the versus mode will take 60 seconds, but it is also possible to take up to 120 seconds gradually.

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