Signalis Review – A Classic Atmopsheric Survival Horror

Are you ready for a retro-futuristic survival horror game that will take you into a dystopian future with a Resident Evil-like atmosphere? Then Signalis is your game.

Described as a retro-futuristic survival horror gameSignalis has a distinctly ’90s feel. The game was developed by the duo team rose-engine. They drew inspiration from manga, anime, Ghost in the Shell, and even Stanley Kubrick. 

The game takes place in a dystopian future and is inspired by old-school horror movies like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. The story is about a human pilot who has gone missing on a remote snow-covered planet. In order to find his lost partner, Elster must use her wits and shooting skills to explore the facility and discover the truth.

Signalis Lawod ss Endings

A Thrilling and Tense Story

In the Signalis‘ dystopian future, the totalitarian Nation of Eusan is at war with a larger Empire. That’s why the totalitarian government has begun sending androids into space. Its outposts are spread around the nearby worlds. 

In Signalis, players take control of a technician Replika named Elster. She awakes from her slumber and journey through a bizarre retrotech universe on the hunt for her missing lover and her lost dreams. You will discover scary secrets, difficult riddles, and nightmarish animals in a tense, melancholy cosmic dread and classic psychological survival horror experience.

Signalis also offers a decent amount of challenge courtesy of a large cast of mostly female characters. Despite its myriad of puzzles, the story isn’t overly confusing.

The game is also a bit of a time-sink, but it’s worth it. This is especially true of the main quest. After a few dozen hours, you’ll have a slew of achievements and newfound skills.

Signalis has also multiple endings. So it means your choices matter in the game and affects the game’s ending.

Signalis Lawod ss Graphics

Promising Graphics

The art style of Signalis feels like it has some ties to prerendered Resident Evil games. It is mostly pixelated and has some flashes of retro 3D. The game also features an isometric viewpoint that allows players to explore the world from a top-down perspective.

So we can say that the graphics of Signalis are stunning. It features a retro look that resembles a game from the early 1990s. The graphics are low-res and packed with detailed details. Characters in the game also have an anime aesthetic.

The game is also notable for its clever use of lighting and sound. These elements combine to create an atmosphere that’s dense and scary. A few of the best scenes in the game involve the use of these elements.

A Masterpiece for Classical Survival Horror Lovers

Signalis is a game for fans of classic survival horror. It is a tense and captivating experience. There are no easy answers in the game. So you will be battling monsters while collecting resources and solving puzzles.

Despite its pixel-heavy art style and lack of a map to navigate, Signalis is a game that feels both familiar to fans of the survival horror genre and unique in its own right. Its best feature is its ability to get players thinking.

Signalis Available for Multiple Ports

Released on October 27, 2022, Signalis is available for PCs on Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Nintendo Switch.

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