Signalis Endings Guide

Signalis is a game that has many different endings. Some of them are just better than others, and they all have different meanings. It's up to you to decide which way you want to go.

Whether you’re a fan of old-school horror games or you’re just interested in playing a new one, Signalis. The game has a few different endings. These are determined by how you play the game and which way you choose. Signalis has three regular endings and one secret ending. These endings are BalancedPromiseChicken, and Artifact, which is the secret ending.

The first 3 endings are based on how you play the game. Your actions, fighting style, and interactions with NPCs affect your game’s course. 

Remember that Signalis does not have a “Save” feature. This will definitely affect your gaming style. How the save feature works in a survival horror game like Signalis will definitely be a big factor in determining which ending you will have.

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Promise Ending in Signalis

The most impressive and rewarding is the last, the so-called “Promise,” which is only achievable after you’ve beaten the game’s final boss, Falke. This is achieved by completing a series of puzzles, killing a few enemies, and taking the best path through the abandoned spaceship. To get the Promise Ending:

  • Kill as many enemies as possible
  • Play slowly and wisely
  • play for long periods with low health
  • Take as much damage as possible.
  • Don’t talk to NPCs and leave safe areas
  • Die to bosses much, especially the final boss.

Chicken Ending in Signalis

Avoid too much killing and heal yourself every time you take damage, whether it’s too low or not. Don’t ever talk to NPC during your play. Here’s all:

  • Chicken Ending is the opposite of Promise Ending.
  • You should try not to kill so many enemies. Kill the enemies that you have to kill to progress only.
  • Check all doors, including locked ones, and don’t talk to NPCs unless you have to.
  • Waste so much time in Penrose / Beach segments. Don’t rush yourself; make yourself home there for at least 10 min to be safe.

Balanced Ending in Signalis

It’s a difficult ending that requires you to play fast and avoid as many enemies as possible. Here’s everything that may help you see the balanced ending:

  • Rush the game and beat it in less than 6 hrs.
  • Avoid all enemies that you don’t need to kill to progress.
  • Avoid talking to NPCs unless you have to. Just run through Penrose/Beach segments.
Signalis Endings Guide The Secret Ending

The Secret Ending: Artifact

Right before the end of the game, there’s a safe before fighting the final boss. Unlock the safe to get to the secret and the last alternate ending.

Artifact Ending is a secret ending that requires three hidden keys. These keys are used to open the safe before fighting the final boss. Here are the locations for all three keys:

  • Love Key – Tune the radio to 096.000 in the Isolation Room.
  • Eternity Key – Tune the radio to 065.000 in the Dark Bedroom.
  • Sacrifice Key – Tune the radio to 240.000 in Itou Backrooms.
  • Code – The code is at the end of the prologue on the radio.

The number that Ariane announces on the radio during the game’s prologue serves as the password for this lock. These are the numbers 39486, 60170, 24326, and 01064.

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