Octordle Tips and Strategies

Octordle is an online word puzzle game that follows the rules of the classic Wordle game. We want to share some Octordle tips and strategies with you here.

If you’re finding it challenging to solve the Octordle puzzles, you can always get help from a guide. You’ll get an overview of the words and their positions and a walkthrough of the UI. This guide contains a list of tips and strategies that you can use to find the correct words.

Understanding Octordle

While Octordle is a fun game, it does require some strategy to win. Like Wordle, you must find a way to balance the number of choices so you can guess all eight words.

You must solve eight words at a time and have up to 13 attempts to find the right word. The game differs from the classic Wordle, including its difficulty level. In this game, you must choose a word that does not repeat and contains as many vowels as possible.

The color of each tile indicates how close one’s guess is to the correct word. For example, the top-left word has no letters, while the top-right word has a G in the wrong place and a T in the correct spot. In the bottom-left word, the letter H is in the wrong place, while the letter I is in the right spot. This pattern repeats.

Octordle Hints

Since the game is renewed daily, you may want to change your strategies according to the new rotation of words. Here are some common Octordle hints that might be handy while playing the game:

  • The first grid you choose should get your full attention since it will reveal the most letters.
  •  You should choose a word with a broad chance of possibilities.
  •  Remember that there’s no high chance of seeing repeated letters in the next words, regardless of the term you’ve chosen as the first. 
  •   You should avoid choosing words with lesser vowels or similar letters.
  •  Use as many vowels as possible to narrow down the possibilities.
  •  You should try to choose the correct letter to form a word.
  •  Focus on the game’s color coordination instead of keeping track of previously used letters. 

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