Kynseed Chickens Missing Quest Guide

There's a Chickens Missing quest in Kynseed which will reward you with some money upon finishing. You can easily complete the missing chickens quests with the help of our guide.

Kynseed is an RPG sim that offers players a unique experience of living and dying in the medieval fantasy realm of Quill. The Kynseed chickens’ missing quest in the game is a mission to find Frogg’s three chickens. These chickens are located in the grassy cave of Mellowbrook, or you can find them in Outlane. After you’ve found them, talk to Rose Thorn, and she will ask you to bring the chickens to her home in Homesteads, or she can be strolling around in Poppyhill. You should take a couple of steps to get all the missing chickens. Here are the complete Kynseed chickens missing quest guide:

  1. Location of the 3 chickens of Worzel Scrumpy
  2. Bringing the chickens back to Worzel
  3. Missing chickens in Poppyhill
  4. Location of the 3 chickens from Poppyhill
  5. Bringing the chickens back to Rose Thorn
  6. Missing chickens in Mellowbrooks.
  7. Location of the 3 chickens from Mellowbrooks.

How to Complete Missing Chickens Quest in Kynseed?

Location of the 3 chickens

  • Worzel Scrumpy’s chickens are located at the bottom of the map in Cuckoo Wood.

Bringing the chickens back to Worzel

  • Take the chickens to Tasty Acres. Make sure the chickens are following you during your travel.
  • Lead the chickens to the coop.
  • They will unfollow you once you’ve closed the coop.
  • Go to Worzel Scrumpy and complete your quest.

Missing chickens in Poppyhill

  • Find Rose Thorn at her home in Homesteads. She can be walking around in Poppyhill, too. Ask her about the missing chickens and start your quest.

Location of the 3 chickens from Poppyhill

  • Interact with the townfolk of Poppyhill for clues on the chickens’ disappearance.
  • Any friendly townfolk is likely to cooperate with you in this quest.
  • This is what Roger Readily says to you when you interact with him  “Lost chickens, you say? I heard some clucking when I had a romantic walk recently.”
  • Now you directly go to Loverwood to find the hidden chickens.
  • At the bottom right corner of the map, the chickens will be waiting for you in another hidden alcove.

Returning Chickens to Rose Thorn

  • Get all the chickens to follow you and take them to Rose Thorn in Homesteads.
  • Lead the chickens to the coop next to the farmhouse.
  • Chickens will unfollow you once you’ve closed the coop.
  • Go to Rose Thorn, finish your quest, and claim your reward.
  • Your reward will be 40 Brass and 30 FP.

Missing chickens in Mellowbrooks

  • Rose Thorn will ask you to check the noticeboard in Mellowbrooks. Seems like their chickens are missing, too…
  • Find Frogg the Hermit in Mellowbrooks or Outlane, and ask him about his missing chickens.

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