Deep Rock Galactic Builds Guide

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter about teamwork and strategy. The game has four different classes, and each may carry you in the game with the best build. Read on to learn details of Deep Rock Galactic builds.

Deep Rock Galactic is an addicting game that requires a lot of teamwork. You will have to face swarms of alien enemies and destroy their bases. You will have to use different weapons and upgrades to win the game. When it comes to perks, there are a lot of different ones to choose from, and each is more useful for different load-outs or characters. Trying out different perks is important until you find the right one for your playstyle.

Each class, Scout, Engineer, Gunner, and Driller, has its own gameplay mechanics. If you know your character so well, you probably know that they may require specific types of builds to carry you in the game.

Deep Rock Galactic Builds Guide Scout IndieWod ss

Scout Build

Scout is a nimble class that helps teams progress their goals by scouting ahead, digging for minerals, and lighting the way with a flare gun. This class is one of the most mobile and support-oriented classes in Deep Rock Galactic and is known for its strong grappling hook and ability to snipe enemies from a distance.

This class has a range of weapons and equipment that players can use to meet their specific needs. The scout can go to hard-to-reach places in caves using the grappling hook, making it easier for this class to find and retrieve items or objectives.

When it comes to weapons, the scout has a selection of pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns to choose from. Each of these weapons has its own strengths and weaknesses, so a player should choose the best combination for their playstyle.

A good scout build will also include weapon modifications to increase the damage and accuracy of their primary weapon. This will help them reach their swarmer threshold faster and allow them to shoot at those elusive weak spots that most other dwarves will miss.

These modifications will also make your scout build more flexible and adaptable to various environments. For example, when dealing with smaller enemies at close range, you can switch from an overclocked GK2 to a more accurate Boomstick double-barrel shotgun.

As a result, you’ll be able to deal more damage in short bursts when dealing with praetorians and goo bombers. A quick-fire ejector will also reduce the time you spend reloading, making it even more convenient to use your secondary weapons.

You’ll also want to consider perks that improve your health, regeneration, and mobility. These upgrades will allow you to move around the map more quickly, which is crucial when you’re trying to stay safe from swarms of bugs and other enemies while you’re scouting.

A good scout build should also have the best flare guns in the game, so you can light up alarge cavernous areas where bugs and other threats are present. These flares will stick to walls and illuminate the area, making it much easier for a team to spot enemies crawling on the ground.

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Engineer Build

Engineer is a versatile and flexible class in Deep Rock Galactic with an excellent range of builds and weapons. It is a popular choice for players looking to take on the challenges of mining expeditions, egg hunting, and other missions that require people to fight alien bugs and collect the minerals needed for crafting new gear.

Engineers are also a very good choice for team play as they provide excellent defensive support to the rest of the group and have a number of turret partners that can be summoned online to defend key map locations, retreat paths, and even key areas where enemies will attack. Engineers are an important part of a team with their mobility and ability to create platform bridges that will remain in place unless destroyed.

To start off with, the Engineer has a strong base weapon to build around, the Warthog Auto 210, which is easy to use and starts to ramp up damage after some upgrades are obtained. Although this is a modification-reliant weapon, it has a wide range of build options for those willing to push through the early pains. It is a solid option for most situations the engineers will find themselves in throughout their playtime, with the added bonus of high damage at close range.

For the Engineer’s other two weapons, we have the LOK-1 Smart Rifle and Breach Cutter, which are both capable of dealing damage to single targets in certain situations. The LOK-1 is a great choice for crowd control with its unique targeting system that tethers enemies to the gun when fired, while the Breach Cutter has an impressive damage output and can be used for bosses or when attacking a large group of enemies.

In Deep Rock Galactic, the Engineer can make and fire grenades that deal significant damage to the target. This is another area where the Engineer is well equipped for defending a position or getting in on the action when the opportunity arises. The grenade you choose is dependent on what kind of mission you are facing, as different types will favor a particular type of weapon setup.

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Gunner Build

As a Gunner, you are tasked with destroying enemies and their bases. However, you also need to be able to travel around in the space environment. Fortunately, the Gunner class has some support tools that can help you traverse the map.

Ziplines are one of the most useful contraptions in the game for Gunners, allowing them to quickly and safely move their entire team across gaps or through walls. The Gunner can also use the Shield Generator to revive teammates and shield up, which is useful for defending against incoming damage.

The Gunner also has several different grenades to choose from, each designed for its own specific purpose. The Sticky Grenade is Gunner’s default grenade, which sticks to any surface or enemy it touches and causes them to flee in fear.

Other grenades in Gunner’s arsenal include the Cluster Grenade and Incendiary, designed to deal large amounts of damage to multiple enemies simultaneously. In addition to these grenades, Gunners can unlock new weapons by leveling up using the Assignments terminal in their Space Rig.

Gunners can also use a variety of different Overclocks on their primary weapon choices to increase their direct damage, AOE damage, or ammo. These Overclocks encourage maximizing Gunner’s swarm-clearing potential but are less effective against unique bugs like Rival Tech machines.

The most effective Gunner builds in Deep Rock Galactic allow the player to kill large groups of enemies quickly. This means Gunner must have a powerful secondary weapon to complement their main weapons. In addition, Gunner’s armor rig can be upgraded to improve his survivability.

Deep Rock Galactic Builds Guide Driller IndieWod ss

Driller Build

Driller is one of the beefier dwarves to pick in Deep Rock Galactic, and his weapons aim to access difficult areas and solve problems. His main goal is to create tunnels, and stair-like structures that help you and your team travel through the environment and reach map objectives more quickly.

The Driller is a great class to use in solo games, and with a few tips and tricks, you can save your teammates time and boost your survivability across the different mission types. Here are some tips to get the most out of your driller build:

Focus on finding places where you can make a tunnel that will be used multiple times, and this will save your team time and effort in the future. You can also use satchel charges to quickly trigger tunnels, which can be a lifesaver in some Deep Rock Galactic game types.

Another great perk to bring is Dash, as it will provide you with a mobility boost while you’re on the move. This will allow you to move faster and deal more damage while moving through waves of bugs.

You’ll also want to have Iron Will, which is a must-have perk for all classes in Deep Rock Galactic. This perk will allow you to stand up again after you die, allowing you to reload your guns and move faster while dealing more damage.

The Driller can also equip the experimental plasma charger, which allows you to fire a large plasma ball that improves your attacking range. While this isn’t as effective on enemies as other Driller secondary options, it can be helpful in certain situations.

Finally, the Colette wave cooker is a good secondary choice for Driller since it can be used as a ranged weapon that deals damage to all enemies in an area. This can be particularly useful for missions where you need to get close to your enemies or when there are lots of obstructions to prevent you from using the microwave gun.

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