Citizen Sleeper Characters

If you’ve played Citizen Sleeper, you’ve likely met Riko the Botanist, Ethan the Bounty Hunter, Bliss the Mechanic, and Tala the Distiller. However, there’s a reason for those characters’ kindness – and that’s because the game systematically pulls you back from bad decisions over and over again. So, who are these characters and how do they work?

Riko The Botanist

Riko‘s story is great, and the reward you get for completing her quest isn’t anything to scoff at: you can make your own stabilizer, which makes it easier to stay alive financially. But if you don’t go out of your way to find her right away, you’re likely to run into her later in the game.

Ethan The Bounty Hunter

Ethan The Bounty Hunter is one of the many citizens that you will come across in the game. This character is a bounty hunter, sent to take down criminals on behalf of Mega-Corporation. However, his storyline tries to make the mean-spirited bounty hunter sympathetic. Ethan has issues with substance abuse and debt and his violent attitude can be off-putting. However, he is given the chance to spend some time in his local pub.

The storyline is a survival game that shows how capitalism exploits its workers. While the game starts out with guarded characters, the game eventually opens up and lets you interact with them. Although a few citizens of the space station are grumpy and unfriendly, these characters are warm and considerate and it’s easy to get involved. You will feel sympathy for these people, but be careful of their intentions.

Bliss The Mechanic

Bliss the Mechanic is a character that can be found in Erlin’s Eye. Her storyline revolves around opening a repair bay and helping other citizens of Erlin. She requires a large investment of Cryo to get started and you will have to wait for a long time between jobs. However, once you have done so, you’ll be rewarded with one of the two possible endings in the game.

Tala The Distiller

Tala could be one of the first people you meet on The Eye, depending on where you spend your first few cycles. As the owner of the local watering hole, she won’t think twice about coming to your defense if some of her rowdier customers start to bother you. From there, you’ll go from working at the bar to helping the aspiring brewmaster build her distillery.

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Dragos The Salvager

As one of the game’s primary characters, Dragos has a branching questline. His main task is to pay off his debt, but you may need to do several things to complete his quest. This character also provides Cryo, a new weapon. You can unlock new weapons and abilities by taking Dragos’ questline and completing it. There are several ways to complete the questline, including utilizing the abilities of other Citizen Sleeper characters.

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