Tunic Review

Tunic is a great but highly challenging role-playing game that promises a great gaming experience for players.

Tunic is one of the newest games, released on March 16, 2022, and it has managed to attract a great deal of attention. If your first look charmed you, have no worries, since we have been fascinated by this great soul-like exploration and puzzle game too.

Besides these concepts, Tunic also offers you a great role-playing adventure, but since it is like Souls, you need to get ready for a very difficult game. The game also appeals to gamers with its art style that is similar to Link’s Awakening and its colorful world. It is also backed by a great soundtrack.

In Tunic, you are going to control a fox with a sword. If you used to love the first few games of the Legend of Zelda, then you are going to love this isometric action-adventure. The biggest difference is that Tunic offers plenty of combat mechanics and a highly challenging adventure for gamers.

Moreover, you will have a chance to enjoy some challenging puzzles to keep going on your way. One of the outstanding features of the game is its indecipherable language. Your fox never speaks, and anyone you may try to talk to will tell you nothing. So, you can enjoy a great old-school gaming experience where you will only focus on the adventure itself.

Of course, this may have some downsides for some gamers as well. Since your fox doesn’t speak, there will be no objective markers, breadcrumb trails, or hints. You have to figure out everything on your own, but have no worries since this is much funnier. After all, Tunic is also an exploration game.

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Although you cannot understand what the characters or the fox say in the game, you have a manual to check. However, this manual is written in Tunic’s own language, so you will not be able to understand anything from the texts. On the other hand, the images will guide you to a certain extent, which provides great guidance to players when required.

In fact, reading the manual from time to time will do wonders for you. It will provide you with many details about the game and what you need to do next. If you neglect to check your manual, you may have to take some boss fights earlier than expected. As you can guess, such encounters will end poorly for you since you will be underpowered.

Although the wiki page for Tunic has been created and is filled with information by contributors, we recommend making your own way and exploring the game at your own pace. This will enhance your gaming experience and let you enjoy your time a lot more than usual. Of course, there is no shame in getting extra help on the internet, especially when you are stuck with something.

Players will find their swords in the first few hours of their game time. Once you get your sword, you will not learn any new moves or skills as you keep progressing. However, you will invest in your tactics and improve them. Although you may not learn new moves to perform with your swords, you will discover new items that you can use in combat. 

As you can guess, you will not be provided with any information about these items either, and you will have to figure them out on your own. As you keep progressing in the game, players will discover magical items, dynamites, and much more.

In short, Tunic is a great but highly challenging role-playing game that promises a great gaming experience for players. You can definitely enjoy your time while defeating the enemies of Tunic and exploring this awesome world.

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