Toilet Chronicles All Endings Explained

Toilet Chronicles is a fun horror-comedy game that we highly recommend you play! The game offers 13 different endings that you can enjoy! Here are the details!

Toilet Chronicles is a fantastic horror game that offers you quality and fun gaming time. In addition to this, you can end the game in 13 different ways! If you would like to learn more about these endings, this guide is for you! Let’s keep the introduction short and check these endings one by one!

Ending 1

In this straightforward ending, you do not have to do anything. All you need to do is leave the stall and exit the door when your neighbor asks for toilet paper.

Ending 2

You need to use the hand dryer twice with the F key, which is going to kill you as a part of the ending.

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Ending 3

You need to use the screwdriver to open the vent, where you are going to find a grenade, or you can simply give toilet paper to your neighbor for this ending. If you prefer the grenade method, pull the pin, throw the grenade to the floor, and wait for the grenade to explode.

Ending 4

The requirements for this ending are pretty much the same as the previous one. You are going to get the grenade. However, this time, instead of throwing it to the floor, you will throw it to the toilet and wait to die.

Ending 5

Again, you need to get the grenade for this ending too. Get the grenade and knock on the door of your neighbor. He will be reaching his hand out, and you need to pull the pin and give the grenade to him.

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Ending 6

Again, you need to kill yourself for Ending 6. Honestly, we did not get the difference between this ending and Ending 3.

Ending 7

This ending is a bit weird. You need to peek into the stall of your neighbor. To do so, hug the stall and jump, which will give you a warning that you can’t peek at the stalls of others. All you need to do is click on the “I can’t be stopped” option and die by the tentacle.

Ending 8

First, you need to achieve Ending 2. When you start playing again, the hand dryer will be fixed. If you use it again and die, you will achieve Ending 8.

Ending 8

After you explore the door with the grenade in other endings, you need to walk to the black part and get the axe. Now go next to the yellow door, which is next to the stall of your neighbor, and chop it down. A gnome will appear. For this ending, grab it and right-click on it.

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Ending 10

You need to throw anything you find in the stall of your neighbor, including the gnome, papers, soda, etc., until you get this ending.

Ending 11

After you explode the door with the help of the grenade, simply go outside and find the banana peel. All you need to do is walk over it to get this ending.

Ending 12

Again, you need to explode the door with the grenade to go out. But before going out, type a special code in the door code, which is Blue 2, Orange 6, Pink 5, Green 9, Yellow 1, and Red 8. Now you can go out and wait for the end.

Ending 13

You will repeat the previous ending for this one. But this time, you need to go out with a gnome in your hand.

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