The Chant Review

The Chant is a game that has received a lot of attention and positive reviews. This article will talk about the game's main features, graphics, how it's played, and an overall review. It's now your turn to decide whether this game is worth buying.

The Chant is an actionhorror title from developer Brass Token. It tells the story of Jess Briars, a young woman who goes to a remote spiritual retreat to find emotional stability. She meets Kim, a friend indoctrinated into a mysterious cult. 

In The Chant, players must stay alive on an island connected by a large network of paths. You’ll be tasked with surviving against prismatic creatures, monsters, and cultists from The Gloom.

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An Attractive Story 

The Chant is set in the 1970s. Players take on the role of a young woman named Jess. She is trying to cope with the loss of her sister. However, she soon finds out that her friend Kim has been indoctrinated into a bizarre cult.

There are some scary enemies, some great moments, and great graphics, all of which are backed up by an interesting story. Although The Chant has an interesting story, it has a number of shaky mechanics.

The Uniqueness is Good Enough

The Chant has an open world and a story that progresses linearly. There are three different endings, and player experience determines how the game ends. One of the most popular parts of newer video games is the option to choose a different ending. The feature is really a plus for the originality of the game’s story.

Each area of the island has a unique theme. For instance, a pregnant woman runs away from a cult leader in one area. In another, a group of disciples wears strange masks.

Each area also offers unique items and upgrades, and there are many ways to explore the island. Players can unlock doors and find new locations with more stories.

The Chant Review IndieWod

Not So Tasty Combat Mechanics

There are plenty of enemies to battle, including giant twisted toads and animal skulls. Combat isn’t terribly difficult. Aside from hurling salt and essential oils, Jess can use her special abilities to fight off hostile foes. Her body stat is healthy, and her spirit meter is used for special attacks.

Combat is made up of three main buttons, two of which are used to dodge and one to attack. Each attack requires a different amount of oomph. Unlike most games, this means a lot of repetitive button presses. The Chant becomes unwieldy as a result of this.

In addition to the typical ranged and melee attacks, players can also throw salt at enemies. This has the effect of dodging, although it can lead to a painful fallback. Other combat options include pressing R2 to swing woodenly at enemies. There’s also a special dodge mechanic called “desperate dodge,” which is a bit exaggerated and accompanied by an awkward animation. When this occurs, the character falls backward and crawls away from the danger.

While some of the ideas are cool, the combat and puzzles are dated. Despite all of that, The Chant does everything in a competent manner. In summary, the game’s combat system is a bit clunky and shallow. Check out the gameplay overview below to learn more.

The Chant is now available for PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows on Steam, Xbox Series X and Series S.

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