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tERRORbane is a puzzle game that mocks errors and glitches. Every player has experienced this at some point. On April Fool’s Day, the game was published. Perhaps this was done on purpose, given the title. But, jokes aside, tERRORbane is a short, narrative-driven game that will most certainly elicit a few laughs from anybody willing to sit down and give it a go.

tERRORbane looks to be a retro-inspired RPG at first glance, but you quickly discover you’re in for a totally different experience than you may think. You take on the role of “the player,” who has been charged by a somewhat arrogant developer with testing out his new game. The only problem is that it’s riddled with bugs, which you must track down and write in a notebook. The developer will frequently stop your gameplay sessions to excuse his problems and flaws. He frequently accuses you, the player, for just not comprehending his genius and not playing the game properly. It’s a story that will undoubtedly make you laugh several times. We don’t want to give too much away because this is an event that is best experienced blind.

What we can reveal is that it’s full of surprises and will twist and swirl in weird but frequently humorous directions. You’ll get the most out of the hilarity if you’re quite well-versed in pop culture gaming. This game contains allusions to several notable video games, including Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Pokemon, and many more. For us, the finest use of humor nowadays is in the criticism of faults and flaws in video games. Every player has dealt with this at some point.

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The gameplay is rather simple. You take on the role of Terriorbane, a knight. You just stroll about, interact with items, and make different decisions that affect your course through the game. There is some mild puzzle-solving in the game, such as moving items or picking the proper action during RPG-style combat. If you fail, simply resume the combat, which isn’t far away.

The difficulty level is never too high, and you don’t even have to uncover all of the flaws to proceed through the game’s story. If you’re a gamer who enjoys discovering hidden treasures, you’ll probably have a good time exploring and engaging with everything you see. A single playtime will last around three hours. As a result, it’s not your average RPG. This may also come as a comfort to people who have limited time to play or dislike grinding. While the game is brief, there is an incentive to retry in order to see alternate paths through the game.

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The visuals are primarily in the recognizable pixel look of a classic RPG. Even the opening fantasy-style song sounds a little too similar for this sort of game. What jumps out is how the game employs flaws and errors. All I’ll say is that you should expect the unexpected from the areas you visit. Your primary character will frequently exhibit problems such as the sprite splitting or his head turning upside down. It’s all funny, but the errors can be harsh to the eyes at times.

The game is primarily text-based, but the developer is completely voice-acted and does an excellent job. The obvious question after reading this review is whether or not this game contains true bugs or problems. I’m pleased to announce that no. The game performs admirably in both TV and portable modes.

We have to admit that we weren’t sure how to grade tERRORbane. Because the game’s fundamental mechanic is just the user going around looking for flaws and furthering the tale. This may be described as a retro-style walking simulator. This design is definitely not for everyone, especially if you’re seeking a challenge. At the end of the day, it did make me laugh now and then, and the notion was undoubtedly unique. You can’t go wrong if you’re searching for something informal to enjoy.

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