Strike Force Heroes: Remake of Epic Story-telling Flash Game

Strike Force Heroes is a title we can't wait to play. After many years, I'm not sure if I'll enjoy an arena shooter. But seeing what Sky9 Games has done with the game, I'll give it a chance. Here is why:

My childhood was filled with Flash games and 2D arena shooters. I remember coming from school and playing my favorite flash games until bedtime. One of them was Raze. I still can’t remember which website I found Raze. But I never forgot the fun it was.

The never-ending action and chaos everywhere. Trying to time my moves so I can reach the gun spawning point and get an edge. I always aimed sharp and moved my mouse constantly like I was on an E-sport team. I wish I could write a complete review of the Raze Remake.

But don’t lose your mood just yet. A similar (and maybe even better) game is waiting for us: Strike Force Heroes Remake. The same developers behind the Raze series rebuilt an old flash game (Strike Force Heroes). The release is not so far off. And here is all we know about the title.

Strike Force Heroes was developed and published by Sky9 Games. They created legendary games from many gamers’ childhoods. So, before reviewing this title, I highly recommend you check out their official website.

Strike Force Heroes is a 2D arena shooter with modernized graphics. It is a highly upgraded version of the old flash game with a voice-acted storyline, endless customization options, animated cutscenes, and multiplayer modes. Sky9 Games is very ambitious with this title, and let’s see what they offer to us.

Strike Force Heroes ss

Strike Force Heroes Review

Like almost every aspect of the game, the story was rebuilt entirely. In summary: A routine mission goes wrong, and Strike Force Heroes crash on an unknown island. While trying to survive, they found a secret that could threaten the Earth!

In many shooters, conspiracy and a mission going south aren’t something original. And honestly, I am usually not interested in the story of these games. In many shooters, storytelling isn’t the goal, so they don’t spend much time writing a good one. Of course, there are exceptional games, like Crysis and Bioshock Infinite. And Strike Force Heroes might be one of them. Fully voice-acted and animated cutscenes look too good to be true. Even though I still hold my prejudice, I can’t say I am not curious about the premise.

The most important part of a game is action. Without well-made mechanics and a variety of weapons, I am not interested. Strike Force Heroes offers classes, many weapon choices, and even interactive elements in the environment. These are bold claims. And I want to start with classes:

Strike Force Heroes has four unique classes with abilities, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. They all have their own mission on the battlefield. So, who are they, and which one fits your playstyle?

  • The Assassin is the sniper/melee character. It is a high damage, low health class. If you like to shoot down your enemies from afar or swift kill them with a Katana, the Assassin is your class.
  • The Tank is the undying class with close-range weapons. You will survive many attacks your teammates can’t. If you want to put your shield up and crash through enemy lines, the Tank is the right pick.
  • The Medic is a balanced healer class. Without a Medic, many missions will be painful because wounds don’t heal themselves(at least not as fast as a medkit). Are you the player who holds the team? Nerdy technician Medic is for you.
  • And last but not least, The Commando. The Commando is a great choice for mid-range action and blowing things up. It is the most deadly class in combat and even death. Pick the Commando and destroy everywhere!
Strike Force Heroes ss 1

Strike Force Heroes doesn’t limit you to classes. There are hundreds of weapons and equipment options. You can gear up your character however you like. Besides the cosmetics, weapons have mods that will give you an edge. They range from executing enemies below %5 health to regenerating ammo on a takedown. There is also a gadget that can bless your character. Some examples can be: reviving on death or recharging your hero’s ability faster. First of all, this sounds amazing. Second of all, this sounds scary. What do I mean?

Mods and gadgets are fun mechanics in games. At first, they are hard to get used to (what?! How did he kill me, oh, he has *a crazy mod name* mod), and building your own style with them is always entertaining. But the scary part is how you achieve these mods and gadgets. All the weapon mods in the game are part of a loot system where the player will find higher-level guns with up to four randomly chosen weapon mods, such as faster reload after firing all rounds, firing two rounds at once, or lifesteal.

From a visual standpoint, the game looks perfect. Yes, I have played Uncharted 4 and RDR 2. But this is a remake of an old flash game with modernized animations and graphics. Explosions, lighting, environment… They all look so fresh and alive. You compare any old arena shooter with this game. And see what they have accomplished.

With all these features, the game offers endless replayability. Try a new class, new equipment for your old one, maybe use new gadgets. I can go on. But you get the point. Even if you don’t want to try new things, finishing the story will unlock a new difficulty. You can also try to complete feats (side tasks in the game).

An arena shooter without a team deathmatch would be a waste of development. Of course, the legends behind the Raze added multiplayer and co-op to Strike Force Heroes. And I can’t wait to have all the fun I had many years ago. With HD graphics and more weapon options, even writing these lines brings tears to my eyes. With a balanced team and sharp skills, losing is not an option.

And finally, the question we have all been asking: When can I join this chaos? The release date is still unknown. But as developers announced on their official website, the game might come out in December this year. But while you wait, don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist on Steam. You can also support the developers on Kickstarter. You can win a reward for your support on the release date!

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